Pregnancy Prank Shocks One Direction!

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Louis’ mischievous behaviour is obviously rubbing off on Zayn, as the pair executed a hilarious prank on the other three boys by hiring an actress to play a heavily pregnant Nickelodeon producer.

But when she goes into ‘labour’ in the studio, its brilliant to see Liam, Niall and Harry panic over the apparent medical emergency.

It did start off quite sweet though, with the boys singing a lullaby to the unborn child. Suddenly though, the actress wails in pain and suggests the baby is on its way out. Of course, its nothing more than a Hollywood style fake bump.

Harry must be so embarrassed this morning! He fully believed they were going to welcome a child into the world. He even had her exercising the correct breaths.


Niall looked totally stunned as Liam quickly got on the phone for some help. We don’t know how Louis and Zayn kept a straight face throughout the whole thing, but it was fantastic to watch. That would certainly have been a great story for the press. One Direction delivers baby. Alone in a Nickelodeon studio.

Watch the event unfold below…

They got pranked by Nick. Louis and Zayn knew all about it!

  • Channing Cross

    Nialls face was so funny he looked so calm,while Harry was freaking