PREVIEW: One Direction’s New Album!

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Arghhhh! Brand New One Direction album THIS YEAR?! Can we handle the excitement?!


I don’t think we can!

But we are going to have to, to be able to write about it!

Ok ok, so there has been rumours circulating about the lads recording a new album for us…

So, we’re bringing you all of the latest gossip about what COULD be on the new album and how this could be their best one YET!

It’s no secret that they are the best of friends with band McFly, and have wrote a few songs with them on their past albums.

And now, the boys are combining their hotness once again to produce some new tunes.


McFly’s Dougie Poynter has been in talks about the new music, describing a song as ‘stadium epic’. Sounds amazayn!

He also dished the dirt on what it’s like writing with Nialler:“It hasn’t got a title at the moment but we wrote the song with Niall,he’s got some good ideas so had a lot of input.”

So a new McOne Direction song could possibly be the most exciting part of the new album, we like a good McFly song we do.

Mmm, if the song’s anything like the first one that McFly wrote for the lads, we like it already!

 And McFly aren’t the only ones who have been dabbling in and out of One Direction’s new album.

Rumour has it, the 1D lads have been making music with The Vaccines’ Justin Young.

Yep, that’s right, our pop boys have had a hand with writing from an indie rock band!

Does this sound like they’re putting a bit of an alternative slant on their new music?

Young talked about their song writing experience:“It was a really interesting creative process, writing with pretty much the biggest pop band on the planet,”

“It was a very different world and very different process – that was one of the reasons I wanted to do it. I really enjoyed it.”

Maybe we could be head banging when we’re blasting their new album!

And that may not be the last of the shocks for the new album.

Apparently, 1D are rumoured to be working with rappers DMX and E40…….err, what?!


Now, the question you’re all dying to ask… just what is the album going to be called?!

Well, rumours circulating predict that ‘Heartbreakers’ could be the title of the new disk.

The rumour is making the rounds on Twitter, but we reckon someones just made it up and it’s escalated into one big, untrue rumour.

I mean don’t get me wrong, heartbreakers they ARE, but it doesn’t particularly follow the flow of their name-calling, ‘Up All Night’, ‘Take Me Home’ and their new movie ‘This Is Us’, does it?

But, who knows with songs from The Vaccines, it seems that One Direction are partial to mixing it up a bit.

Gah. We’re SO excited for ANOTHER new album for the boys!!

What do you expect from the new release?

  • SingerChick

    Anything that they do will be amazing!!! I can’t wait for it to come out!!! Heartbreakers would be cool, but it is a major change from their normal three words. Keep writing boys!!!!

    • Ginell Artis

      Lol yeah 3 words hehe

  • Amy

    Wow !!

  • SᵖᵒᵒᶰᶦᶰᵍLiam™

    DIDNT SEE THAT COMING! How so fast, I’m still jetlagged with TAKE ME HOME and there they would go again giving me butterflies…. :)
    Im excited but probably harshed cos its just been 4 months since they released the latest one…

    • Gemma

      Nice username!!!! :)

  • ☚ SHE L♥VES 1D

    Woah!! Can’t wait ;))

  • ChloeLOvEsOneDirection

    wow. i…i….i cant en…i…im…im done

  • Joanna Nicole Wang

    One Direction has a new movie called ‘This is Us”? Well, I’m not updated bout this… Is this published yet? Can’t wait to hear HEARTBREAKER. I just know that there are raps and dubbing.. :)

    • zoe anderson

      This is Us comes out August 30

      • LiamPayneLover

        The day after liams bday :)

    • Ybarra Zeta

      you gotta go to home page of this page and find for the ‘This is Us’ update!

  • Joanna Nicole Wang

    So much excited.. :))

  • Patty Miller


  • Ellie

    Yay! I’m so excited!

  • manal

    they give me that when i went at thier home

  • Becca Barnes


  • Directioner<3

    Aaaah!! I’m so so SO excited!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!<3<3<3

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    Who was proud whilst reading this:“It was a really interesting creative process, writing with pretty much the biggest pop band on the planet.” I know I was <3 Can't handle this i'm so excited!

  • ✌KAT✌

    Up All Night
    Take Me Home

    I think Out With You would be a decent album! 😀

  • Optimistic✌

    Omg omg omg THIS IS EPIC!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT AHHH!!

  • Tory Leigh

    Oh my dear lawdy! I love indie rock and One Direction and oh my gosh imma die if they have a half 1D half indie rock in it. I will just die!:D

  • Tory Leigh

    Haha! McOne Direction makes it sound like we can order them from Mcdonalds!:D

    • LiamPayneLover

      Wouldnt we all want to? 😀

  • magica1520

    Too much excitement in one day! I can’t handle it!!! but I’d love more of it

  • Ruchi

    OMG…can’t wait

  • liz

    Who’s dmx ande40

  • Audrey Bencomo


  • Nia malik

    This is so soon after take me home (: but u don’t really like the name heartbreakers…

  • Nia malik

    This is so soon after take me home (: but u don’t really like the name heartbreakers…

  • Olivia Clayton

    I sooo gonna buy that!

    • Ginell Artis

      Me too! The first minute it comes out,I’ll be there(at the store)to get their album (:

  • Mrs.Malik

    cant wait

  • Aylin Morelos

    around November December it will be realesed i, gussing just like Take me Home. Im geeting my gear ready to camp out of target

    • Ginell Artis

      Lol i got mines at target too.But i wonder if my parents will let me camp out O.O And yeah im guessing its comeing out around november or december

      • Aylin Morelos

        ik right ill just sneak out threw the window and tell my cusin to go with me lol

  • Deenaloves1D

    I can’t wait for it to come out

    • Ginell Artis

      me too

  • Liam_Harry21

    Omg. So excited. Can’t wait. I have all their albums. Ahhhhhh :D♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Stini2526


  • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

    OMG can’t wait!!!! Eeekkk!!!!!! So excited!!!:D

  • Sara

    Omg, I can’t wait!! 😮 <3

  • #1liamlover

    Wow that fast they can make an new album well that was quick

  • sierra

    More 1D ?!?! First i passed out from Up All Night then i was sent to the hospital from Take Me Home now ima be in Intensive Care from this new album…..

  • Kassandra Salina

    THAT MEENS ANOTHER TOUR 😀 <333 that I could actually go too :)

  • Kimberly Malik

    Wow.Just.Wow. Im still pretty hyped about TMH people!!!!! I think ima get a heart attack :/ #keepdirectionersinyourprayers

  • Hope Demery


  • Lauren

    I laugh at the phrase head banging because I can just imagine people making holes in the walls with their heads

  • Alyssa Hofland

    I love when we say I’m done but we’re never really done

  • Ailynnn

    When I heard it. I was like

  • cherlloyd101


  • sarah

    cant wait

  • Krystal Scott

    agghh i cant wait!!! agghh!!! omg im done

  • vanessa ㉦


  • Ybarra Zeta

    nothing really much cause I know it’ll gonna be a great hit again after all!

  • Beinta Brynhildardóttir Egholm

    WHAAAAT? I thought that was just a rumour Swiftie’s made up to kill Directioners?!?! :O B-B-But…. Heartbreakers…? :’c Aren’t One Direction supposed to be all ‘i love you’ ‘forgive me’ ‘come back’ -ish? :O Okay, once again – WHAAAAAT? And rappers?! OKAY, I LOVE EVERYTHING 1D DO, BUT PLEASE, NICKI MINAJ, STAY THE HELL OUT OF 1D’S SONGS, 1D DON’T TURN INTO JUSTIN BIEBER.

  • Ashley Styles

    i cant wait for new music from the boys!!!!

  • Anthoneika

    DMX AND E40?! WHAT?! WHY?! WHO?! WHEN?! PLEASE NO?! If One Direction makes a rap song I will find them and shave their heads……not that that would really bother Liam very much………but Niall, Louis AND ESPECIALLY Harry and Zayn…..I’m coming for ya….o.O

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥


  • ℒℴνℯ ₁∂ c:

    Absolutely amazing!! Can’t wait, it may seem too fast to some people but I just can’t get enough!!! I mean seriously they are like a flippen drug you just gotta have more. And you can never overdose 😉

  • Nata Mileusnic

    I kinda like the new album cover. it doesn’;t seem like them. cuz there other ones are nice & colored. Well, you have to try something new i guess

  • Alexis Thompson

    I hope it’s an accoustic album like Justin Bieber has!

    • Akasia Pizzey


  • Milea

    I love HARRY

  • Mrs. malik

    omg !!!i can’t wait !!

  • joyren david


  • joyren david


  • Sandy

    OMGGG!cant wait

  • Emma Jia