Probably The Best Topless One Direction Photos You’ve EVER SEEN

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Taking the opportunity to recharge their batteries whilst over in Sydney, Australia, the 1D boys got their swimming gear on – to the delights of Directioners worldwide.

Having been over in America for what seems like an eternity, the band are now preparing for a tour of Australia & New Zealand, and they looked like they were loving life as they froliced about in the sea.

Prepare yourselves, for we have some nearly-naked, topless photos of One Direction!

Harry Styles with some impressive abs.

Liam looking like he’s about to wrestle someone!

Thats it Harry. Flick your hair for us.

Don’t think you really need the hat on Louis? You’re in Sydney!

You thinking what we’re thinking? SIX PACK HEAVEN! Could they get any fitter?

Louis sampled a bottle of Corona, Liam tried his hand at fishing, and they all had a proper good time!

Harry and the boys swimming off the coast of Sydney.

Heavy security was present to greet to the band when they arrived in the country, and extra preparations have already been put in place in order to cope with the huge, swelling demand for the biggest, hysteria-inducing boyband in the world right now.

The master of the moody stare, Zayn Malik. With no clothes on. Oosh.

Disapointed fans were upset that they didn’t get the opportunity to see the group as they were quickly whisked away through a back door.

Some fans had even camped out overnight to catch a glimpse of “AmaZAYN”, “PhenomeNIALL”, “FabuLOUIS”, “BrilLIAM”, and “ExtraordinHARRY”.

Oh we can’t get enough of those monikers 😉

Looks like the Directioners in the following video – “Reasons Why One Direction Should Come To Australia” got their wishes

  • Kamila Malik

    Sooo cute 1D!!!

  • Leila Abai

    They’re So Fit And Cute!!! And Where Is Niall?

  • Aleisha Moon

    OMG I’m DYING here.