One Direction Ringtones

You love One Direction right? You’ve listened to each of their songs like EIGHT HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO times, at least :)

One Direction ringtones

And now you wanna get those same awesome track on your dudey little mobile phone, yeh?

Ok, we’re gonna help you out here then as we’ve got a collection of links to some of the best sites around. We can’t give you tracks for free – as that would be like, illegal, ok. And we’re good boys and girls! Plus that wouldn’t be very nice to Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn andLiam would it? They’re a bunch of hard-working boys :)

So, moving on, lets see we can do for you awesome bunch of Directioners. You’ll have to pay a little for each of these ringtones, but they’ll be like super-quality!

Ringtone Subscriptions

Download One Direction ringtonesThese are pretty good value packages where you’ll be able to download a bunch of songs, games and also apps for a monthly fee. It’s usually cheaper than buying the individual songs, and you can usually download 3 or more ringtones every week, and unused credits always roll over to the next week! Prices may vary in other countries.

Individual One Direction songs

Want to download 1 or 2 1D songs to get on your mobile? Then give iTunes or Google Play a try.

Downloadable Ringtones

Right-click (on a pc) and save the file to your computer, or if you’re using a phone long-press the file to save it.

Free Ringtone Websites

It’s pretty hard to find any good free One Direction ringtones, but here’s some of the more popular free sites. Have a browse and see what you can find.

If you’ve got any other great 1D ringtone website then let us know by posting your comments below! We’ll update this page as and when we find some other great sources.