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One Direction Ringtones


You love One Direction right? You’ve listened to each of their songs like EIGHT HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO times, at least :)

One Direction ringtones

And now you wanna get those same awesome track on your dudey little mobile phone, yeh?

Ok, we’re gonna help you out here then as we’ve got a collection of links to some of the best sites around. We can’t give you tracks for free – as that would be like, illegal, ok. And we’re good boys and girls! Plus that wouldn’t be very nice to Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn andLiam would it? They’re a bunch of hard-working boys :)

So, moving on, lets see we can do for you awesome bunch of Directioners. You’ll have to pay a little for each of these ringtones, but they’ll be like super-quality!

Ringtone Subscriptions

Download One Direction ringtonesThese are pretty good value packages where you’ll be able to download a bunch of songs, games and also apps for a monthly fee. It’s usually cheaper than buying the individual songs, and you can usually download 3 or more ringtones every week, and unused credits always roll over to the next week! Prices may vary in other countries.

Individual One Direction songs

Want to download 1 or 2 1D songs to get on your mobile? Then give iTunes or Google Play a try.

Downloadable Ringtones

Right-click (on a pc) and save the file to your computer, or if you’re using a phone long-press the file to save it.

Free Ringtone Websites

It’s pretty hard to find any good free One Direction ringtones, but here’s some of the more popular free sites. Have a browse and see what you can find.

If you’ve got any other great 1D ringtone website then let us know by posting your comments below! We’ll update this page as and when we find some other great sources.


  • Directioner4ever

    They said Niall louis Harry zayn and Harry where’s liam


      Doh! How could we miss out Liam! x Well spotted :)

    • I_will_marry_one_direction<3<3

      They did say liam

    • Shelbylove1D123

      Everyone talked silly

  • Catherine Spalla

    I love these -It it is stuffy in here lol

    • ros dangeros

      the best part is liams one
      like if you think the same

  • Analyn

    hello :)

  • Ailin

    I love One direction

    • jowana

      Hello one direction i love one direction ♥♥♥♥ love you

      • jowana
    • saretta loyd

      i love one direction soooo much

  • Ailin

    I hope I’ll go to One direction’s concert on June 14 at Miami.

    • madeline horan

      the cute and hot boy band

    • saretta loyd

      they r hot

  • nikkia

    Niall omg he has abs

  • yasmin nadhirah

    cute zayn malik

  • Nal Eac

    i am gonna get that ringtone

    • 1dlover

      Me to I love it

  • Taylor Brown

    If u follow me I follow u

  • Zendartha

    Ya, if Niall Horan was trapped in my phone, and to set him free I had to answer it, I NEVER WOULD!!!!!!:)

  • Mrs.Malik


  • ♚☯ Ice princessღ♛

    COOL . nice ……………………….

  • Aydan Amiraliyeva

    That’s cool enough!!! I like it… ☺

  • michellitita

    :) COOL

  • Noora Khattab

    omg I love the one Liam did!

  • Tildisen<333

    But.. if you let him free… would he give you three wishes? … =D

  • Sofie

    i love you one direction


  • Savannah

    i loved liam’s it was so funny!!

  • 1-800-Niall’sPrincess


  • Yaritza Ramos

    It is stuffy in here lol

  • 1Dcitlallisalas

    WOW, i even have them and everybody just like they #lame

  • alexis


  • roxanne kho

    loooove it!!

  • 1D Fan

    Harry Styles is so cute!

  • arisan

    nice & so

    • tatiana castro


    • saretta loyd

      i love them

  • Katlyn_malik

    I love one direction I rly wanted to marry zayn but he’s enganged with perrie :/ but congrats zayn I hope u luff either forever

  • Katlyn_malik

    LOL the ringtone of 1D is hillarious

    • Samantha Gomez

      Very funny

  • suhail fuentes soto

    hola no conosco esta pagina pero soy fan de one direction

    • tatiana castro

      ooo yo tambien

    • milu

      ya somos 2

  • vaytea

    one direction could please send me the address where I can send them a letter vaytea my name I will come to your concert you next year and I am very excited because I am your fans number one well that’s what I think the thing is that I lived in santiago chile me I have 11 years and my idols if you do not see this message please would send a note with an autograph of each esque I love them the address is 322 alamos maipu 4 I thank the kisses love you .. the latest is that niall, zayn, harry, louis, and liam when twitter will discuss things that do not feel bad agan agan case you have much talent to spare … well that’s all thanks for everything and I love your music and you … goodbye …

  • Samantha Gomez

    I love u one direction~NIALL HORAN

  • aragiacobbi

    jajaaj I love 1D !!

  • bleona

    love this is soo good

    • trina

      he looks so cuteeee

    • syrastyles

      hotttttt he looks adorably and cute.

    • saretta loyd

      love this pic

  • Sandra


    • saretta loyd

      they r sexy

  • Kaylea Zachary

    I have all of them and I love them, even my non-directioner friends think they’re funny.

  • insaf loves you!

    OMG i can’t believe it that’s soooo COOL ♥♥♥

  • andrea

    hello i love one direction louis,zayn,liam,niall and harry

    • saretta loyd

      they r cute

  • naziha

    i love it

    • heidi

      YOU R SO HOT

    • saretta loyd

      i love one direction

  • Name

    Zayn: Vas happenin, vas happenin, vas happenin, vas happenin!

  • zaynmalikfm7

    I loved the tunes so much…….
    I love you 1D………..

  • Abin Mathew Sabu

    please come to india

  • syrastyles

    i love the rig tones especially the one that says hi were one direction someone calling you

  • syrastyles

    i love niall part its stuffy in here and zayns this is the most annoying ringtion and liams and harry especially louis

  • syrastyles

    love the ringtones

  • syrastyles

    if niall was really trapped in my phone i would not let him go at all he would be trapped in my phone i would always get to here his voice

  • saretta loyd

    i love one direction they r im my heart

  • shelby loves one direction

    one direction rules

  • Djura Malik 1D

    zayn is my love and one direction is my life

  • mackenzie

    has any one direction chat with you

  • Jess

    I LOVE One DIRECTION They make my day *.* expecially Niall <3

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