#RIPZaynMalik Started Trending By Fans Of The Wanted

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#RIPZaynMalik started trending on Twitter

Has this whole war between One Direction and The Wanted gone too far now?

Yesterday #RIPZaynMalik became a worldwide trending topic after fans of The Wanted started the hashtag and tried to get it trending.

They succeeded in doing so, and it wasn’t long before it could be seen worldwide, prompting millions of Directioners to wonder just what the hell was going on.

Was Zayn Malik really dead?

Of course not, but it was a very sick joke.

The bitter war between both bands goes back to last year, and was re-ignited only this week by our very own Louis Tomlinson having a sly dig at the band by saying ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ was one of his favourite songs.

Directioners weren’t too happy at seeing their very own Bradford-bad-boy be the victim of a Twitter death hoax, so they decided to get one back, and so they started #RIPMaxGeorge trending.

Again it wasn’t too long before that started trending worldwide, with both hashtags being visible by everone on Twitter.

Here at One Direction News we can confirm that neither Zayn or Max are dead.

Just in case you were wondering.

Sometimes it’s all a bit of banter between both bands, but other times it can go a little too far.

Other famous celebrities to be killed off by Twitter include Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Eddie Murphy, Rihanna and Megan Fox.


  • lesley

    ughh haters i hate tw
    #hate the wanted 4 life

    • Marlenesykesluvtw@yahoo.com

      ugh urself selfish directioners..lol..#RIP Zayn,Niall,Harry,Louis and Liam.

      • ❤Tootsieroll1D ❤

        do us a favor and get off our site that is about One Direction and buy a dictionary. TYVM

      • Emma Aldasoro


      • Se

        pfft whats your point? oh you cant spell? thats pretty obvious.

      • McKenzie May

        WTF?!?!?! You stupid a** b**** you just made a stupid a** mistake! Nobody says that about One Direction (1D) Niall , Louis , Liam , Harry , and Zayn! STFU! Get off the 1D sight and get a f****** dictionary because you can’t spell worth a s***!

  • becca

    OMGOSH 100% I hate the wanted soo much I know there was a rivalry between us but there is no need at all to do this to our amazayn zayn and I am soo glad that we started to trend #RIPMaxGeorge because I saw wish the wanted was dead so they cannot bully are boys #1DRule #TheWantedSuck

    • ❤Tootsieroll1D ❤

      hey, as much as I hate the wanted, I can’t say I want them dead. I feel dumb for kinda standing up for them, but what we did was wrong too. as much as we hate them, wishing them dead is a bit too far.

      • Riel Whittle

        I agree :3 an hey it’s not dumb to stand up for them- stand up for what’s right! And good! And true!

  • Mimi Deria

    TW Fans are very silly, It was a stupid topic to trend. I was shocked when I saw that was trending yesterday. But thenDirectioners said that it actually means RIP=Really Inspiring person. Our Fandom is Amazing and Theirs is a total disaster.

    • ✌✯lux✯✌

      TRUE! 😀

    • Abigail

      Haha I laughed at the part RIP cause I didn’t know it ment really inspiring person:) I don’t know it scared me when the first part of the title of the story

    • marmar margs lominoque

      YOU deserve my like :)

  • FabulousNails

    No one should trend RIP messages like that, it’s bad for both fanbases IMO. No idea who started it, I wasn’t there, but joining in is plain wrong!

    Also: as usual, people complaining about the #RIP trends helped trend them because they quoted them. Ignoring them is much more efficient to make them go away fast IMO.

  • Rylee Burgess

    OH MY GOD I am so fed up with this stupid fued. The wanted need to get over the fact that one direction are a better band then what they are. This really needs to stop. #RIPZaynmalik is just total rubbish. lEAVE OUR BOYS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Begum Hashimah

    Woah. This has just gone to a new extreme. Why in the world are they instigating us!? Do they really want to fight the biggest fandom ever? Stupid. Directioners are the biggest fandom. Some just want a hi-5 in the face with a freaking wooden table.

    • Nana Styles

      Hahaha ikr?

  • sara

    Why zayn? He didn’t do anything right

    • Nana Styles

      He got into the fight , too. But I don’t why did choose him specifically!?!!

      • sara

        TW fans are weird.. like always

  • Brittany


    • xx KatieKat xx

      Zaynster forever <3

      • Brittany

        <3 <3

  • Stini2526

    not cool they all need to stop

  • MrsTomlinson

    I understand that what the TW Family did was wrong but why do we directioners have to sink down to their level and say #RIPMaxGeorge ????? Just sayin this whole stupid fight started with tw because they are a bunch of cunts that are jealous of 1D and their success.

    • FabulousNails

      “why do we directioners have to sink down to their level and say #RIPMaxGeorge ?????”
      Agreed: WE DON’T!

    • Marlenesykesluvtw@yahoo.com

      Ugh..go to hell!!!ur jeaouls,bugg some1ur age..

      • TheWanted Fan

        thankyou for understanding

    • TheWanted Fan


    • Directio-Mixer


  • xx KatieKat xx

    RIP–> Really Inspiring Person :)
    TW fans are just trying to be half as cool as us directioners!
    They are just trying too hard and they don’t realize that we have the best fandom in the world and we won’t let them say anything about the boys xx

    One direction 4 everrrrr <3

  • AniaR

    I don’t even like The Wanted that much, but their fans didn’t start anything! BBC News reported yesterday that Zayn died as a joke (not funny), so that’s why it was trending! Some updated account decided to accuse TW fans and trend #RIPMaxGeorge, but if you look through the tag #RIPZaynMalik there are none messages from The Wanted fans. It’s like that time when some Directioners attacked Liam at the airport back in December, and people tried to blame The Wanted fans too. Some Directioners just like to cause unnecessary drama.

    • Megan Payne <3

      Ok so hearing that means that TW fans didn’t even do anything, which makes what our fandom did so much worse. That was so mean and cruel of BBC News though! And about the airport, if they attacked Liam they are not called Directioners. Directioners wouldn’t hurt him.

  • Howis1D

    I really think they should have some theraoy sessions or something since they are so obsessed with givin’g us a hard time -.-

  • ✌✯lux✯✌


  • Nana Styles


  • http://thatslothprincess.tumblr.com/ Dani Styles

    Omg not funny. I was scared half to death!! Poor Zayny baby.

  • Ya$hika

    Seriously??!! #whut

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    This is almost as bad as how the rushers were planning an attack to emotionally hurt the boys (no hate to any rushers/directioners) but this was just too far. The wanted fans are odd in the way they think that we would believe this. Some people did, but thats fine cuz they were worried about Zayn. No hate, to any directioner thats a rusher or in TWF though

  • Marife Abella

    please boys come in her in the cebu for an tour plssssssss
    there were so many fans want to see you her in the cebu
    were so excited for your THIS IS US MOVIE 3D on august 30 2013
    the people are will be crazy for you boyss :)

    • ✌✯lux✯✌

      learn grammar o.o sorry imma grammar nazi hehe no offence xx

  • Samantha Sancen

    There’s to many things wrong with them we can’t list them all

  • Bella

    TW fans are so stupid. Just like TW. That was so pointless. #GrowUp

    • Marlenesykesluvtw@yahoo.com

      Stup up..!!!!!u guys grow up..The wanted are better and they sure do have Talented better then one direction..sheesh.Stop Haten!!people..

      • Bella

        No. I don’t care. And you are so WRONG. One Direction are 10 times better than TW will ever be. I’m not haten I’m telling the truth. The truth hurts sometimes. Just sayin

        • Emma Aldasoro

          Better told 1D is 1000000000000000000000000000000 better then TW

      • Bella

        Why are you even on a one direction fan site?

        • Mrs.Stypayhorlikson


      • Mrs.Stypayhorlikson

        Please learn to spell btw your name is dumb and the wanted suck

      • McKenzie May

        STFU! Stupid a** b**** please everybody knows 1D’s more talented then your stupid a** band “The Wanted” and they worked , worked , worked for everything unlike “The Wanted” You should’ve thought about your comment before you posted that pointless and false comment because you’re being told off right now! Oo and please , please , please get a dictionary because you can’t spell either!

  • ChocoTaco

    Why did The Wanted fans even do that? That was stupid and childish. Hopefully they realize that now, just stupid

  • Jamilynn Flores

    This fandom just keeps on falling apart. Look to where we are lowering ourselves. You doing the same immature thing TW fandom did. Is that really mature? No, it’s not. So please stop blaming the TW fandom because its our faults too. We can’t keep on acting like we’re always right and the victims cause we’re not. That’s why I’m so disappointed in this fandom. We just aren’t the same anymore.

    • Megan Payne <3

      Preach it! My friend and I feel the same way :(

    • FabulousNails

      Agreed! But don’t lose hope, not everyone thinks it’s OK to handle things the were they were handled…

    • Jamilynn Flores

      I’m trying not to lose hope..but only a few fans are sane nowadays

  • Megan Payne <3

    That was so stupid and immature of them! I’m glad us Directioners told them RIP=Really Inspiring Person :) But I’m dissapointed that we started trending #RIPMaxGeorge, I mean don’t get me wrong I hate TW, but when we did that we just stooped to their stupid immature levels, making us seem no better than TW fans.

    • FabulousNails

      I agree, however that started (stories vary depending where they originate from), trending #RIPMaxGeorge should not be seen as the appropriate answer!

      • Megan Payne <3


  • Nana Styles


    • Vanity-Marie

      Lol I can’t help but laugh at this one

      • Nana Styles

        Lolz !!! Ikr ?!

    • hollie

      The One direction guys are definitely hotter than the wanted boys but I don’t think that they are ugly at all!!!!!!! Expecially Nathan 😀

    • Tildisen <3

      Best ever! I have a good one too! But I can’t find it.. Well, It’s a picture of TW and a text that says: The Wanted. They started from the bottom and you’re still there.;)

    • georgia pefani

      Absolutely right my dear !

    • McKenzie May

      Accurate! Thank you , Thank you , Thank you!

  • hollie

    Why the hell would directioners start trending #RIPMaxGeorge?!?! I thought us directioners were better than that!!! It breaks my heart that they would say #RIPZaynMalik but I also like the wanted and it pisses me off that us directioners would say that about Max!!! Everyone just needs to grow the hell up!!! Instead of trending RIP TW we should start trending #I’m sorry to them and their fans!!! I know they started it but One D trying to get them back isn’t helping either!!!!!! I care about One D and the wanted very much and I don’t want it to be like this!!! I wish we could be sisters with wanted fans and that the 2 bands could be brothers :( if we want peace then us directioners need to be the bigger people and start it!!!!!!! #stopthehate

    • ❤Tootsieroll1D ❤

      totally agree. starting that trend was stupid. if everyone would just GROW THE HELL UP we wouldn’t have this problem.

    • TheWanted Fan


      • hollie

        Hey, i’m not trying to be a hater or anything!!!! I’m just trying to say that I love One direction and that I like the wanted and I just want the two bands and their fanbases to be friends!!!! After I posted this comment I read another article that said that BBC news started trending #RipZaynMalik as a joke and we thought it was you guys! I don’t have a Twitter so it wasn’t me trending #RipMaxGeorge, but I would never do that anyway!!!!!!! I’m sorry I got false information, and i’m sorry my comment offended you. If you want to hate on one d I suggest u do that on a different website btw. #NoHardFeelings #SorryNotSorry 😛

  • Victoria Cortez

    REALLY THIS IS RUBBISH wanted fans are sick that’s just horrible to say rip some one whose clearly alive!… this means waR!

  • vanessa

    Bitches be crazy like the congress

  • LKells

    This is such a childsh thing to start anyway
    how hilarious
    Cute TW fans, stay classy

  • Angie malik

    BUTTTT!!! #zaynmalikyouare perfect was ALSO TRENDING and it was the #1 trend for tons of hours so its OKAY! 😀

  • Marissa Billingsley

    First of all, BOTH fandoms are sick and rude. The Wanted fans are horrible for starting #RIPZaynMalik and the One Direction fans are equally horrible for starting the #RIPMaxGeorge. Seriously, we should’ve been the bigger people and not do anything about it. Let TW fans be nasty and rude. Not us. I love 1D with all my heart but not some people of this fandom.

    • Ania Lynn Prather

      In a way i agree but i dont in another way bc if their talkin about One Direction imm not just gonna sit around and let TW fans talk smack about them imm gonna stick up for them although i would not of started #RIPMaxGeorge or any trouble…..!

  • Maddy Hatch

    To bad the one about max isnt true

  • Ailynnn

    Yeah I saw it too and I was like “what?!”. I knew it TW fans made it trend.

  • Gabi

    Ok now this has gone too far already, it is not even funny to say that someone is dead especially someone who we love like Zayn…TW fans are just immature and silly for trying to get attention…sad to also say i can’t believe us Directioners would trend that either…but glad Zayn ISN’T dead ^_^ it was funny when Directioners said RIP means really inspiring person which probably left TW fans feeling dumb lol

  • Gabi

    i posted a pic of Zayn lol just love that pic lol

  • Melissa Barranco

    I like The Wanted but I’m not a stupid fan that sends death threats to other people

  • Ania Lynn Prather

    This is gettin old if your The Wanted or a wanted fan LEAVE ONE DIRECTION AND DIRECTIONERS ALONE….! if were not messin with you dont mess with us i mean do yall not have anything better 2 do other than being jelous of One Direction

    • Marlenesykesluvtw@yahoo.com

      Ugh seriuosly,ill say it ur face!!!hateonedirection.4ever.huh nothin to say.

      • Kaylee

        Well, if you hate 1D ‘forever’ then why the freak are you here?! #HatetheWanted

      • Ania Lynn Prather

        Well then HOE why youu on this site…..!

  • Kaylee

    Stupid freakin Wanted fans :p #hatethewanted

  • Haileigh

    If you guys are real directioners you wouldn’t be man that One Direction did #RipMaxGeorge you would be happy because they stood up from themselves

  • Jessica Directionner

    That is stupid! And I’m sure that some of them were Christians, and if they continue doing this, they will go to hell.

  • Marlenesykesluvtw@yahoo.com


    • Emma Aldasoro


  • Mimi Something

    I’m laughing my head off, this is ridiculous.

  • Cait

    ugh i’ll kill those mofos. none of our boyz will die! i bet u 1D will last WAY longer than TW guarenteed

  • Maddie skinner

    I liked him before but now I can’t stand him

  • Maddie skinner

    Yea I know right

  • DayanaDirectioner

    Omg TW fans are so stupid!God they should just admit One Direction is soooo much better!! :-)

  • Niall William Malik

    A bunch of stupid TW fans!

  • Alannah

    that was a dumb thing for TW fans to trend. but we shouldn’t have done it either

  • Anastasya Ho

    oh my god, I won’t and never will like The Wanted. You know what? its funny how the wanted is actually wanted now. By proud and respectful Directioners who want ‘The Wanted’ to freaking stop picking on our boys.

  • i_luv_1D_14

    What idiots are the stupid wanted band I really just want bash the wanted and their stupid fandom which idiot would trend rip zaynmalik seriously wheni saw it my heart was about to blush stop

  • jessie marie summers


  • Katie

    Sorry, if you understand and actually look through the hash tag, it was mainly directioners tweeting it, to say rip… so blame on anyone else to hash tag was stupid, and responding in the way that you did, with NO proof it was any opposing band, artist, person, was stupid , and immature…

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥

    TW fans are really starting to get on my nerves -.-

  • 1Dlol

    Oh look how much we care about our boys :)

  • Hannah Styles

    That’s just sick.

  • Emma Aldasoro

    TW fans that did this are dumbos

  • JSRRamsaran

    haha lol #ripzaynmalik= really inspiring person zayn malik
    #ripmaxgeorge= ???
    tw family needs to relax and take a chill pill!!!!

  • Gabrielle ross

    The wanted and their fans need to wise up , they will NEVER be as amazing and successful as the one d boys , everyone knows that and deep down the wanted know that too. #thewantedneedtopipedown

    • A’alyciaP._1D


  • Lauren Nielsen

    I think the feuds between the two bands can get way out of hand. Both the wanted and one direction have some things in common and I don’t see why the hate has gone on for so long. I’m a die hard directioner but I’m going to the wanteds concert next month with my friend who is a huge fan of the wanted. The bands feud has messed up our friendship a little in the past but we are over it and can see some good even in our rival band.

  • Emmy

    Death isn’t something to joke about.

  • Se

    They have fans? This just gets better and better. Aha they suck. #ZaynIsMoreOfAManThenTheWantedWillEverBe

  • A’alyciaP._1D

    They are sick people because death isn’t anything to joke about.like seriously this has gone too far. The Wanted and their sick fans need to get a life and LEavE uS AlOne.

  • Annika Vergara


  • Annika Vergara

    There’s too much things that are wrong with them that we can’t count anymore

  • http://styles-sexuall.tumblr.com/ Shey

    Both The Wanted and One Direction fans need to stop being disrespectful by trending these rude hashtags, seriously though, what is wrong with all of you? The feud between the bands have nothing to do with the fans. Trending a death is not okay, especially because you think you love someone. These fandoms are getting worse and worse, it’s embarrassing to say i’m a fan of BOTH bands when their fans act like this. These prepubescent fans need to stop being idiots and start thinking and acting with their right mind. Also, it’s time that The wanted fans stop acting mature when they do trend things of this nature. Everyone needs to grow up.

  • Harry’s Cupcake

    #RIPMaxGeorge and TW fans are very silly I agree

  • σиє ∂ιяє¢тισи fσя ∞

    Ohh they have fans? I thought the wanteds fan base was their mums :/

  • TheWanted Fan


  • Deborah Breukers

    not everybody from the TWFanmily are like that ya know…….
    i like TW but i also like 1D…….

  • Mrs. Niall Horan!

    Ugh that’s just horrible! Both fandoms need to stop that. Even if I am a hard core directioner! No one deserves to see that!

  • Mrs. Niall Horan!


  • McKenzie May

    I’m done! I hate “The Wanted” and I don’t care what you think about me using the word “Hate” I actually don’t hate anything but its official I simply hate , hate , hate “The Wanted” and I’m sick and tired of they’re stupid a** fans! Directioners including myself please , please , please don’t start that stupid a** #RIPMaxGeorge trend because that’s going to make One Direction (1D) and Directioners like myself look bad! Go ahead and hate “The Wanted” because I do but don’t start those trends because that’s just making everything worse for 1D and Directioners!