Robbie Williams Says That 1D Hate Each Other – Huh?

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Robbie Williams has a had a very lengthy and well documented love-hate relationship with band member Gary Barlow over the years, but his comments suggesting 1D hate each other have shocked thousands of fans around the world!

He explained that while he was in Take That, he really disliked Gary Barlow, while at other times he loved him to pieces. Robbie then said:

“I’m sure that in One Direction right now, there’s going to be hatred between certain members for certain things, all young and daft stuff.”

Certain members?

Well from the outside looking in there is hardly going to be any beef between Harry and Louis, because lets face it they’re besties.

Liam seems to get on with everyone and Nialler just comes across as a happy go lucky lad who sits around playing the guitar and eating Nandos all day – lucky bugger.

The only person who comes across as distant, however misconstrued, is Zaynster.

Missing events with the boys, like Louis’ charity match, make him look disconnected and not fully part of the band outside of work. However, Liam recently said in an Australian TV interview:

“I don’t understand how you can see the way we are on camera, and off camera, and look at it as being contrived.”

“It’s so evident that we do get on so well, and I just don’t think we’re good enough actors to pull off that kind of friendship.”

We hope Liam is right, because we would hate to see a Robbie VS Gary feud brewing in 1D!