Robert Pattinson Disses One Direction!

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During a recent Interview, Robert Pattinson reported how he definitely isn’t a 1D fan, but loves Westlife!

The Twilight hottie was asked which boyband he would rather be a member of, and quickly answered with

“Westlife, definitely. Westlife are one of my favorite bands.”

– Oh yeah, we’re sure that he would fit in there!

He then atttacked One Direction, saying he certainly isn’t a fan.

Although, we’re not sure if he has a valid argument here,

“I actually don’t know any songs that One Direction have done. I’ve just seen pictures of them.”

Never judge a book by it’s cover, Rpatz!

I mean, we know Rob’s got a pretty hectic Hollywood schedule and all that, but how is it possible to escape the tunes of the biggest boyband around?!

Like, we can’t imagine the 1D boys saying they’ve never seen any of Twilight

Kristen Stewart must be pretty gutted, not having him serenade her with a few lines of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.

Gotta say, we’re pretty disappointed though, we were looking forward to hearing Robert Pattinson do the next cover of ‘Little Things’…

How would Rob feel if One Direction slagged off his Twilight character Edward Cullen?