SHOCK! 1D Beaten By District 3 In Xmas Mistletoe Kiss Poll!

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Would you have thought it? One Direction have been beaten into second place by X Factor boyband District 3 in a poll by Yahoo OMG!.

District3 X Factor

Greg, Micky and Dan came 7th in the 2012 UK series, losing out to bitter rivals Union J and ultimate winner James Arthur, but they’ve fared much better in the “Most Kissable Under the Mistletoe category”.

Do you agree?

Here’s the full results:

  1. District 3
  2. One Direction
  3. The Wanted
  4. Union J
  5. JLS

The UK based poll had D3 winning with 37 percent of the votes, with 1D just behind on 35 per cent. Ooh, close!

One Direction filming for their 3D movie

D3 spoke about One Direction in a recent interview, with Dan saying:

“We get on really well. We’ve kept in touch with Niall Horan. He’s our favourite member. He’s really supportive of us. He’s texted us a few times.”

Greg said:

“They’ve told us to just have fun with it. They’ve said that this is the best time. I don’t think you can ever really expect their success. People like One Direction only come around once every 20 odd years. Their success has been amazing. If we even had the tiniest bit of that we’d be over the moon.”

Are you fans of District 3?

Perhaps we should have made sure our boys came top in the poll, right? More Directioner power needed next time we think :)

  • Cláudia Costa

    What??? How’s that possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG :( :(

  • Reshma Tomlinson

    1D is so much more better. Sumbody might hav cheated in the poll….. den again i didnt know about dis, so umm sorry directioners i <3 u!! n 1D!!!

  • najmaa

    The true winners are ONE DIRECTION!<3

    • jasmin


      • disqus_uzrCYyFVUU

        Yar. Seriously how can u choose district 3 over our boys? :(. X

        • TaibaAli

          Lol like tell me about it… x(

        • SparkleStyle1

          How could ANYONE beat our boys?

    • Avery

      So right!!

    • Angie Rosario

      So true!!

    • Jasmin Mendoza

      I agree ! <3

      • 1D_lover

        My last name is Mendoza to :p

      • Zoe Staines

        i agree say ‘I’ in the comments if u think that one direction are the true winners!

        • Zoe Staines


        • Sarah


    • TaibaAli


  • FabulousNails

    Good for District 3! I don’t really know them, but I know that they are the 2012 X factor crop, so they need to remain popular and release a good album as soon as possible to secure some sort of future in the business.

    BTW, I am not in the target demographic for such polls, so I’m not surprised to have never heard of it… But did anybody know about that poll?

    • amazing#1d

      Yeah, they are, pitty they didnt get to the Finals though, they are obviously not as strong as 1D!!!

  • 1d_sister

    Doesn’t matter…
    Boys you will always remain at the top !!!
    Don’t have to worry…
    Directioners seem to be somewhere else during Xmas! It’s okayy!
    Luff u boys!!!
    D3 doesn’t seem bad, though!!! They should soon release an album !!!
    One Direction is still the best!!!

  • dorina

    What?????????? No why? It’s 1D who was supose to win <3

  • Heyyy

    1D actualy should be the winners but as u can see the other guy’s r congrad’s to them :)


    I have never even heard of District 3!!! If I would have got to vote I would have picked ONE DIRECTION 100%

  • Maddi Jade

    who is district 3?!?!?! haha jk one direction forever!!!

  • amazing#1d

    I think it should go:

    • FollowMeLZLNH

      That’s not correct is
      1d… all the wayyy

      • amazing#1d

        Sorry, my mind glitched out for a second! ! Haha!!!

        • FollowMeLZLNH

          Oh Hahahja

  • Sally

    This first time I’ve ever heard the terms “2nd place” and “One Direction” in the same sentence…..

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    It’s pretty obvious that one direction is the hottest…. Seriously if you didn’t vote for them go get your eyes checked.

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    District 3 is quite attractive I have to admit. BUT NOT AS SEXY AS ONE DIRECTION THAT WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE

  • haileyhaileyhailey

    To everyone who didn’t vote for one direction: PEASANTS.

  • leah<3onedirection

    I’m not a fan of district 3! They’re trying to take one directions place! 1D 4ever

  • mimi deria

    one Direction is better than District 3 .. Actually I never heard of them before .. ~No hate …….. Directioner 4 life <3 <3 xoxoxo

  • 1Diswaybetterthanjb

    Wtf?!? Our boys are WAY better than d3! Go one direction! We love u!

  • FollowMeLZLNH

    ONE DIRECTION all the wayy!!!!

  • 1D_lover

    Good job for D3! But 1D should have won

  • 1D_lover

    Good job for D3! But 1D should have won

  • 1D_lover


  • Jasmine White

    One direction should be 1 they r #1 I love them there #1 fan

  • Georgia Woolley

    District 3 r minging 1D r ma faves for sure cxxx

  • heishly

    I love District 3,but that list is messed up!One Direction should be #1! :)

  • aiesha styles

    I dont even know who district 3 is but really iv seen the pic of them and ya even if u dont love one direction there still hotter than them

  • Nia

    They might not be official winners but they’re winners to us dirctioners

  • abby


  • Stini2526

    they should get one

  • Victoria

    D3 is actually pretty good but lets be honest we all directioners know that NO OTHER BOY BAND can beat one direction!! Like it up :)

  • 1D_lover

    District 3 sounds better then one direction. U could dislike this comment but u know it’s true :p PS not hating one direction I love them btw -.-

  • harrehs_girl

    Why is the wanted even in that categoría?

  • directioner 4eva

    I THInk this happened cause of HAYLOR
    as a speak, a sh** storm is happening on taylor’s twitter and harry’s and in the hashtag section.
    Many have unfollowed Harry and left the fandom.
    Oh, and I LOVE district 3
    HEADS UP! u can’t love union j if u love district 3! THERE R TE RULESS

    • FabulousNails

      Somone leaving the fandom because Harry got a GF was never really going to stick around long term…
      And many people unfollowing Harry is a relative term, he’s got over 9.5 million followers, I have no idea how many he lost, but I would no know about it if people did not say it here.

      • FollowMeLZLNH

        He had like 9.8 at first


    I’ve never heard of D3 but they seem hot 😉 but honestly one direction seems more kissable ;* & I also think it was cool of Niall to support District 3 xD

  • Jari Styles

    Plz! THEM beat 1D wow 1D r the REAL winners!

  • hhhHayleyyy☼

    no no i didnt even know about his. I would have voted

  • louis fan!!!!!

    ?…………….who would choose anybody over one one direction??????+ >:(

  • maya

    I love District 3 *.* And the fact that they get on really well with 1D makes everything better :)

  • Nancy Malik

    Eww district three..

    • Nina Paris

      …. Seriously…these are the type of directioners I don’t like. Even one direction gets along with them. No need to be mean.

  • 1D lover

    we need to build up our power for 1D!! go directioners!!

  • Lani Taylor☺♡

    there not as hot

  • kenia

    I dont even know who they are all i know is that id are cuter

  • Monlisarxxxx

    They made a big mistake:
    1. One Direction
    Then the others ;P
    But OMG!!! 2nd place!!! They deserve place 1 :* District 3 OUT One Direction IN XXXXX

  • Courtney_Styles


  • Sarah

    Nope 1000000000% disagree! Look at them except 1d power of voice they don’t have half of 1d sexiness and cuttiness! It is obviouse look at Harry’s hat! Sometimes i think that 1d boys are the best boys in the world!!!!

    • Nina Paris

      They have amazing personalities too,and so does District 3. Don’t judge on looks too much. <3 No offence,but I can agree with you on one thing they are the best boys in the world c: <3

  • disqus_sf5czOFTrJ

    One direction are the true winners no won can top one direction I believe in them

  • Ilana

    1D sooooooo should have won!!

  • Ilana

    😮 they should have won!!!

  • Perrie Anderson

    THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN 1D is fir ever

  • Perrie Anderson

    I luv 1D

  • jojo chambers

    So true! One direction ARE the true winners!!

  • jojo chambers

    So true! One direction ARE the true winners!!

  • Hedayah Krakra

    I would have kissed one direction

  • Charlene_1D

    Maybe there’s a mistake ! This couldnt happen