SHOCK: Did Harry Dump Taylor Because She Wouldn’t Sleep With Him?

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New reports are emerging that say Harry Styles dumped Taylor Swift because she would not sleep with him.

Taylor Swift crying?

According to RadarOnline, a source said:

“Harry found Swift a little sexually uninterested. While it was clear she obviously had a thing for Harry, she didn’t want to put out as often as he would’ve liked. Harry is a young boy, with ladies throwing themselves at him and has had a string of relationships with older women.”

The unknown source went on to say:

“It’s no secret he’s sexually active and is enjoying his fame at the moment. But Taylor just wasn’t up for it as much as he is. They were sexually incompatible.”

Their romance only lasted 3 months, so there might be a little bit of truth in this. But if Harry wanted to take the relationship further then surely he could have waited?

We just don’t know.

We still find it a bit odd how they kissed in front of millions at New Year’s Rockin Eve, don’cha? Taylor is now apparently back in the studio preparing to write a song about Harry! Eek.

Elsewhere one of the girls who partied with Harry in a hot tub, 27-year-old Hermione Way has commented on her time with him:

She told The Sun:

“I didn’t know what had happened. He seemed happy to me. I had a lovely time. Harry is a charming fella.”

A charming English rogue 😉

  • Vanity-Marie

    Um she let him stay the night at her hotel room & everyone saw him go in & leave the next morning shortly before she left the room before she publicized something as innocent as a kiss if I were her I would’ve let the public see me kiss a guy before letting them find out he was staying the night

    • Rose

      Amen ~_~

      • Vanity-Marie

        I’m glad someone else realizes this too not just me (:

    • FabulousNails

      This story just doesn’t make sense, especially when you think about that fact that she is no 17 year old virgin, and about their behaviour from the start (sharing hotel rooms very publically).
      This article is just ridiculous and makes both of them look like idiots IMO.

      • Vanity-Marie

        Exactly like really 2 adults spending the night together, it’s not like they were playing scrabble all night people

        • Directionerforeva

          Saying this is really stupid that harry dumped her because she wouldnt sleep with him . Now it’s the time that Taylor should realise that may be there’s a problem in her own self

        • JSRRamsaran

          couldn’t agree more

      • Lottie Tomlinson

        first of all, they were all staying in that hotel and 3rd HARRY is a virgin!

        • Sisi Picon

          uh harry is not a virgin! -.- hes evn said so himself that he isnt.

        • Darcy Styles

          no he’s not! he even said he wasn’t! “i’d still be a virgin if i wasn’t on the xfactor”

          • Lottie Tomlinson

            that means he lied to me when i asked him while playing truth or dare

        • tessa harvey

          He is ? Everyone said he lost it in xfactor to Caroline flack

          • ILOVE1DX5

            ewwww she is all way older than him!!!!! She should be ashamed!!!!! BUT it is Harry Styles so who can blame her(Iguess)….. who can blame anyone with anyone of the boys!!!!!

        • samantha

          not true

        • Lara

          Hes not a virgin. He said himself the first time he did it he thought he got the girl pregnant. GOD i feel like a no life stalker

        • Maris Hunt

          He is? Wow tht’s a new thing i read..

        • Carol.

          Wow and totally right

      • Sally

        I agree completely. Harry wouldn’t just dump someone because she wouldn’t sleep with him. And this isn’t any of our business, the only people who SHOULD be worrying about this is Taylor and Harry. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

  • Rose

    I am lost for words atm.. just confused….Still Love Harry and the rest of the guys ~1D Fan for life~

  • Georgia Woolley

    Lmao thts hilerious xx

  • Guest

    i’m only 13 but harry. you can wait for me and in 5 years i can ummm you know :)

    • Gg


    • negar


    • Darcy Styles


  • EmmiH

    You must be kidding me right?!

  • Directionerforeva

    What rubbish ! Everyone saw Harry entering and leaving Taylor’s hotel room . So why did he come for in the night if they were not sexually active . An Harry wouldn’t just dump Taylor if she wasn’t ready to sleep with him . Isn’t it ?what d’u think ? Comment below

    • FabulousNails

      I think the entire thing is BS. They have spent too many nights together right from the start for this to be true, and Taylor and Harry are no virgins LOL

      Nobody here knows Harry for real, who can tell how he would react to a scenario like the one told in that fairy tale article?

      But this is my opinion generally speaking: Keep in mind I am probably older though.
      If a guy wants to have a relationship with a girl, he might want to have sex at some point. It is usually part of a relationship. Guys can be patient, but if they realize at some point that the girl doesn’t see things like them at all, and that they will be the ones who will have to give up on their wishes for the forseeable future, they might end the relationship. It could just as well be the reverse in theory, a girl wanting it and a guy not wanting it… If 2 people don’t have the same vision, it’s probably better this way, don’t you think?
      People are always quick to say that a guy should not push for sex on an unwilling partner, and I agree, but I’ve always thought that you can’t blame him for breaking up and looking for a willing one then. We live in a society that says that you can’t force your way of life on others, so the person wanting sex shouldn’t be slagged off for looking for someone more compatible either. They should not be forced into “no sex” either.

  • amazing#1d


  • Gg

    Don’t worry Harry u’ll always have us directioners to back u up 😉

    • LUV 1D

      So tru use DIRECTIONERS r ready 4 anydin!!!

  • Miko Sim

    Rubbish! ! Harry is not that hot tempered… It must be Taylor… Even if, she was not at fault, i would still hate her for LIFE…
    Taylor is just trouble… She write songs about her ex. She persuade SELENA TO BREAK UP WITH JUSTIN… they both are a great and Amazayn Couple… ( i AM a belieber and a directioner…)

    • Gg

      That’s not the craziest thing I’ve ever herd

  • aiesha styles

    When harry went to taylors hotel room they didnt sleep together. Im not sure if this is the right story iv heard alot and so far i don’t think any r true but harry seems happy but taylor seems upset….. i think harry might have said or done or just called it of with Taylor (no hate love him to death)

  • FabulousNails

    How about an article about the Brit nomination instead of only gossip? :-)

  • 1d_sister

    I’m confused at the moment! Did Harry dump her or did she dump him?!?!?!

    • FabulousNails

      Nobody knows a thing, so the press is making up as much gossip as possible, to cover all the possibilities…

      • 1d_sister

        ikr! These two better confess the truth before the media comes up with something ridiculous!!!

  • LOLA

    Then what were they doing the whole night? Playing table tennis? Lol dunno whether to believe this…alll i can say is ” we knew taylor was trouble when she walked in”

  • Smiley-directioner

    I don’t think that’s the main reason he dumped , I’m not even sure if he dumped her or they even broke up , the whole story about leaving her alone and her tweets are not convincing me …………..

  • Taylor1D Lover

    If they are on a romantic trip, then Taylor should know what’s coming.

  • Directioner_Life

    Personally I think she was just using him for another “break-up” song cause all her relationships last for like 2 months and after she breaks up with them.BOOM!! another break-up song.

  • This Is Us

    Harry! Why don’t you date a Canadian?

  • Nia

    I don’t think that’s true

  • Darcy Styles

    if i was 23 i wouldnt want to sleep with a 18 year old!!! im 12 and im waiting a VERY loooooooooonnnnnnnggggggg time until….you know…

  • Mackinze Burdett

    No ok this is false none of that stuff ever happened they both broke up together because they had an argument and the long distance thing was to hard! so this is nothing but a load of bs and people who start this stuff need to grow up and if you think it is true then shame on you harry would never do that he has a heart and he says he wants to make sure it is the right girl. taylor obviously wasn’t the right girl so shush up about this!

  • Silvi Georgieva

    First Harry will never dump Tayler cuz she doesn’t want to sleep with him and this is such of bullshit !!!!! And second if she writes anything about Harry…..ready World War III…

    • Sally

      Ready the cannons!!

  • cheekymonkey

    This is a load of rubbish really two adults ALONE obviously SOMETHING happened and haz even said so himself that he’s not a virgin,but us directioners will ALWAYS be there for you haz because we truly live you unlike other people *cough* Taylor *cough* I just hope that if Taylor DOES decide to write a negative song about Harry that she knows what she’s getting herself into because she’s crossing a lot of directioner territories and lines so it’ll mean war and I’ll be in the front of the line ready for action!!!!!!so that is a bloody lie that they didn’t do anything but you never know so let’s just stop pointing fingers

  • Nikki

    I so sleep with him

  • Sydney

    Will you just leave the boy alone? For crying out loud who cares why he broke up with Taylor, it doesn’t matter, that is his problem, not yours. I’m a Directioner but you don’t see me creeping on his every move. Would you give him a break???

    • Sally

      Well said:)

  • disqus_GVTg3YL1MD

    i call bluff.

  • Mariana

    WOW just WOW…

  • hazzaluver1999

    So what that they broke up. We all knew this would happen. Its not like they are soul mates. I for one am glad they ended it. She wasn’t right for him. He needs a girl who will be willing to deal with what ever he through at her. But its okay I still love harry.

  • Guest

    First of all, that is offense to both Taylor and Harry. Not to mention completely private! These false stories have absolutely no evidence, and Harry isn’t that type of guy.

  • iwiish

    but didn’t he sleep over at Taylor’s hotel in NY like a bunch of times? I don really think he just went to talk…

  • Sally

    LOL Hermione!!

    Sorry, serious matter, but I couldn’t resist:)

  • sarah

    Wait… Didn’t Taylor say that she wanted a baby???????? Plus she banged all of the 60 guys she dated last year, I thought she would be more up for it than Harry and I knew Harry would be up for it….

  • samantha

    it is about time he bump her she is a slut and hahaha

    • samantha

      like my post

  • directioner

    Why are they always trying to make harry look like all he wants is sex, sex & sex. Harry seems like a great guy and I’m pretty sure they had they’re own reasons for breaking up maybe because she’s too clingy?

    • samantha

      harry had a right i bump haylor

  • Lacrystal Watts

    taylor dont you dare write a bad song about my hazz

  • 1D foreves;)

    Sad so ta ta wuts the name of yet another song…..heres a idea’Maybe I am the problem’ lmao

  • Macey/Mr.Pervy:3

    wtf harry? im sorry harry i love you to death but dont be a man whore, i understand that guys sometime want to have sex all the time but cmon, dont be that way.

  • Skylar1D

    Harry meant that she didn’t do anything sexually to him,she didn’t kiss him much,she barley did anything to him,so he got bored,sand Harry would never break up with a girl just because she wouldn’t sleep with him,even his own mum said it

  • Fernanda Burgoa

    It’s weird but Taylor shouldn’t show her kiss in public If she did kiss him.

  • maya

    If this was the real reason then that would be so inconsiderate >.< Just because she wouldn't have sex with him everytime he wanted it.

  • Brendah Malik

    I think Harry and Hermione would be kinda cute together?!!

  • 1D~Lover

    Wow I Thought They already did sleep together.

  • daniella berrios

    okay well, i think tht this whole relationship was for publicity and tht it never should have happened! my evidence is tht Taylor did call the paparazzi when Harry hates paparazzi and Taylor only like the fame and fortune and to think…we all used to love her!


    I SO don’t belive that is they broke up Harry respects girls too much to even think that!!!!! NO WAY IT’S JUST NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!

  • Lara

    I heard that they broke up b/c Taylor was annoyed about how much Harry stopped to sign autographs and took pics with fans and taylor was embarrassed and felt obligated to take pics too. So when she said stop doing that, he wouldnt so they fought about it.

  • julia

    No way taylor swift is a virgin

  • aleecia


  • directioner 4eva

    okay……..PEOPLZ, WE HAVE SOME CONSPERISY THORIES HERE! MY GOSH!!!! and a secret source…..uhmm….just like Niall tweeted the other day, don’t believe stuff until it is proven true cause peoplz said he was in hospital, but this is not NIALL, nor is Harry in the hospital soo….

  • Zoe Staines

    nah he sint like that

  • Mae-Ann Senate

    what the?

  • JustaTeenDream♥

    I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I heard that Harry broke up with Taylor cuz Taylor was a “more at home girl” while Harry was being “the party guy”. So yeah Harry thought Taylor was boring so they broke up and did anyone else know that Taylor like to talk about antiques?!?! o.O that doesnt sound like the kind of girl Harry would date . So can someone please tell me if what i said is right? Cuz i really wanna find out why. THANKS!!!

  • SelenaGomez

    Hey Guys!!:)


    really taylor your gonna write a song

  • Perrie Anderson


  • Celine Mixer!!!

    That cant be good that Taylor is back in the studio

  • Bonnie & Clyde

    There two things their telling us which is he dumped her because she was too demanding and no sex things . Aye if Harry wants sex , he wants sex . . He’s human , but I don’t think he dumped her cause of sex . . . She seems pushy to be honest :/

  • Griffin Horan

    Taylor was trouble when she walked in, plus, all I know about “haylor” is that Taylor and harry broke up on their vacation on new years day because they had a fight after going back 2 their hotel room on new years eve. That’s all I know about this situation.

  • Mrs.Horan

    he’s only 18 so s

    he shouldn’t sleep with her

  • Perrie Anderson

    Uumm I dont know Wat to say

  • LOU


  • Bell

    I hate swift because she Is. A hoe and fuglying

  • Siobhan Classen

    Harry is tooo good for Taylor!! She’s juss a lil homy hopper!!

  • SoonToBeAStyles

    It was probably the other way around. She has to get in every single guy’s pants to feel satisfied before trashing them in a whiny ass song.

  • Emily

    The only songs Taylor has are about her breakups!she used Harry! I hate Taylor! If she writes a bad song about Harry this directioner will be sooooooo mad!

    • swiftie 4 life

      since im a swifie i will b nice but i am not about to sit around and watch directioer crisize taylor she has taught millions of girls millions of things and its something no swifie will ever be able to thank her 4 and taylors songs are not all about break up what about the best or innocent or long live or mean or need i go on name one other singer whos songs arnt all about love and relationships and then name me someone (beside taylor) whohas written a song 4 her mom and published it thank u 4 reading this love peace sparkles
      swiftie 4ever

  • sareeesah

    i dont believe that taylor said no to harry ,,,, he was seen going in and out of her hotel !!! i dont think thats the reason

  • sareeesah

    i dont believe that taylor said no to harry ,,,, he was seen going in and out of her hotel !!! i dont think thats the reason

  • emdog wolf200

    that is not true taylor dumped harry because she was to old for him thats onley what i heard

  • hi there.

    but Harry’s gay