SHOCK: Nialler’s Car Crashes Near Heathrow [UPDATE – Niall Denies it!]

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[UPDATE TO OUR ARTICLE BELOW.  Niall has tweeted the following, denying the incident happened: “I was not in a crash and that is not my car”. So it seems The Sun are not always to be believed?]

He has only just bought his new shiny Land Rover, but news has arisen from The Sun that Nialler was involved in a car crash on the way back from London Heathrow.

Niall Horan 'potato' !

His car skidded off the road in the poor weather conditions and there was likely a sheet of ice, that caused the vehicle to veer sideways, resulting in it hitting a crash barrier.

Witnesses said that Niall wasn’t driving, but was in the front seat. The Irishman has been picked up from Terminal 5 on the way back from Tokyo and reportedly climbed out of the car, albeit a bit shocked.

Niall Horan with green eyes

He wasn’t travelling with the other boys and luckily he escaped uninjured from the ordeal.

A fan at the scene said: “they all waved as they went past, then the crash happened so suddenly. It must have been terrifying – the car’s wheels lifted off the road.”

“We saw Niall climbing out. He looked shaken up but didn’t seem hurt. He got into a people carrier and they drove off again.”

We are so glad that the crash was minor as it could have easily been much worse and potentially quite devastating. Tweet Nialler some love, we’re sure he will be a bit shaken up about it all!

Here’s what a few are saying on Twitter:

@NiallOfficial hope you’re ok bby x

According to our sources @NiallOfficial WAS In a car accident! His #RangeRover slid off the road and onto a guard rail. BUT He was unharmed.

@NiallOfficial Niall im crying are you okay

Niall Horan was left in a spin when his car SKIDDED on ice, SLEWED sideways and TILTED on two wheels before straddling a crash barrier.

niall horan was violently masturbating behind the wheel of his car and lost control of the vehicle

Umm we’re sure the last one isn’t true! :)


  • Rose

    Wait I thought this was a rumor and didnt happen so did or did it not happen but if did I am glad Niall is okay

  • Vanity-Marie

    Though it was a minor accident, it’s still serious, but I just have to say, that last tweet had me dying lol

  • Directioner Forever

    Oh thanxs god he is fine….

  • Annabeth Chase

    Okay, so, think about this. What if he would have hit another car and he jumped out of the car to see if the other driver was okay, and the other driver turned out to be a ten age girl, so Niall gave her his number so she could call him if she needed anything. Thhen they fell in love. IT WOULD BE A REAL LIFE FAN FICTION!!!

    • 1d_sister

      Annabeth!!! Just to let you know that Percy is mine too along with these five boys!!!
      Alright just kidding!
      Omg! I love Rick Riordan!

  • Aastha Ginodia

    Oh thank god he is fine!! 😀 i hope the person who was driving is ok though

  • Pramo1Dnep

    If Niall was driving there would have been no crash coz the ice would have melt because niall is too hot.

    • 1d_sister

      Lol! But I think that Niall’s denying it coz he doesn’t want us to be worried. That’s so sweet!
      Hope u r ok babe!!! Love u Niall!

    • Tiana Napolitano

      ahhahaha lol well i must say that is TRUE!!

    • Jade Brock

      Hehe. Your my new friend xD

    • Niall Feeder luv Ya

      HAHA lol

    • alexis


      • alexis

        He is

    • 1D4-ever:)

      Haha that is so true!! Lol I believe it

    • 1D4-ever:)

      Haha that is so true!! Lol I believe it

  • ♥ нαяяү’s cυρcαкε ♥

    Niall tweeted 12 mins ago “I was not in a crash and that is not my car,”
    People should stop saying rumors especially if it’s about Niall, it’s so irrelevant and illogical!

    • Sarah

      Totally agree!

    • 1d_sister

      He might be saying so to stop us from worrying… He cares!
      But since he officially denied it, it might not be his car!!

      • Mackinze Burdett


        • 1d_sister

          Yeah…i know it’s not his car!!!!!
          God! You’re hyper!!!

    • Niall Feeder luv Ya

      So there just saying that like the gossip stuff right??????

  • hugh

    According to the man Niall himself, he said on twitter earlier that it was not his car

  • hugh

    oh just to clarify, Niall was not even a passenger in said range rover, this is all on Nialls twitter this morning

  • ❤Tootsieroll1D ❤

    why are his eyes a bright green in the picture? @_@

    • 1d_sister

      Seriously! What’s wrong the photo editor?!?!

  • Griffin Horan

    Why do people ALWAYS pick on niall?!?!?! Its always niall!!

  • Alexa♥s1D

    Poor kid amagane us if he did get hurt!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Ummmmm I would have to die

  • MarStar

    I hope this isnt true :'(

  • disqus_zogEVm5miw

    this is such a rumor Niall said it was on twitter

    • MarStar

      I hope so :(

  • disqus_zogEVm5miw

    it is not true

  • Stephanie

    I don’t think this happened. But if it did… Omg Niall I love you so much r u ok?

  • cap’n crunch

    and now ur gonna censore me wow !!

  • hanaa

    niall said on twitter that it is not him and it is not already his car

  • Megan

    No crash ever happened! Look at Niall’s page on twitter!

  • Megan

    People just be quiet it never happened!

  • Erin

    That’s scary!!!

  • Michelle Direction

    Gt yes nialler is alright

  • Rach Horan1D


  • Tami Pesando

    swdfhgknmjfmnb nbbbbbbb sexy!!!!!!!!!!

  • sisi3

    RIP Niall…………..

  • NiallxCutee♥

    I love Niall Horann x ♥

  • Zaynforever

    O My gosh!!! Im glad that nothing happened to you My dear niall ;-(

  • Monlisarxxxx

    I Hope Everything Is Okay!! I dont wanna that hes hurt!! :’) Nobody of them.of course!!!! XxXx

  • Grace

    Wasn’t him

  • Ruby Rodriguez

    Lol that so funny

  • 1D_Is_My_Life

    It’s a good thing Niall wasn’t driving, or else he would have gotten hurt! I’m glad he’s ok

  • Kristen Hunt


  • Brianna

    Glad you are ok!

  • NiallFansNaime

    I LOVE YOU Niall <3 PATATO !! 😀 😀 <3 <3

  • Pramo1Dnep

    Niall always keep urself fit and fine by eating potatoes


    He has confirmed that he was not in a car accident now!!!!! It’s ok people our HOT Irish man is OK!!!!!

  • aryanna

    thats good hes not hurt.

  • Sally

    Mini heart attack!! Which turned into a rather serious one when I saw his eyes….

  • Mrs.Stypayhoralikson

    Hope Niall’s ok..=)))

  • Reem Richard

    goddamn it!!!! niall denied it guys… he said he wasn’t in a car crash and he’s fine

  • Louis William Tomlinson

    Poor Niall hes so sweet love u Niall and hope u ok xxx

  • mrs.horan 12

    Lol i agree

  • maya

    if he did it or he dident do it its okay coz he is fine thats all what i care about

  • alexis

    I love niall horan i would hate somoeone if they say they dont