Simon Cowell Loves The ‘Story Of My Life’ Video: “Best Yet”

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Simon Cowell has added to our excitement of the ‘Story of My Life’ video premiere, by tweeting about how much he enjoyed the video.

Yesterday, he wrote: “I think the story of my life is the best one d video yet. And I love the record.”

We’re so so excited, but we’re not sure when the video will be released!

There’s no official time or date released yet, but we’ll keep checking Facebook, Twitter and YouTube until we have something!

As soon as the video is out, we’ll have it on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, as well as right here on the website.

Going from the song, we’re sure the video could be even more beautiful than the cute “Little Things” clip.

We can’t wait!

And remember, when the video is finally up, let’s try and break the Vevo record again!


Originally in the article we wrote that the new video would be released today! However, it looks like we were wrong. There’s no date officially released yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

Until then, why not go and check out our own special video we made last week…

UPDATE: Thursday

The release date has finally been revealed. Read the full story here!

  • Kelly FabuLouis Tomlinson

    *SOML*……. NOT *SOFL*

  • Stini2526


  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    Gotta believe Uncle Si.. If he says something.. It is… :))

  • rayya mALIK

    Yea girl im waitin on ya …im waiting on story of my life videooooo
    Very very excited to the core to watch the video
    And evn waitin to break the vevo record………………..
    God help me im suffering from dissease called “exitementness”

  • Abbie Welton

    Hey, he put 1D together so if he says its good, it’s good!

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    this is probably a pretty awesome video then!

  • Oceania Horan

    Uncle Si says tht abt all the 1D vids…wht does tht tell us abt the guys??

    • directioner 4 ever

      Us east 11:00 am ahhh it 11:14 am right now here on the us east side yay I am checking youtube

      • directioner 4 ever

        Its not on youtube yet dang it NOOOOO

        • Oceania Horan

          I know how u feel

          • directioner 4 ever

            Ik I want to see the video so bad though Haha

  • katie_styles

    Are you serious!? Uncle Si, just post the video already!!! I’ve waited long enough and I’m not getting any younger over here in LA!!!

  • directioner 4 ever

    Ahhhh omg I can’t wait I can’t belive uncle si seen the video

  • I Love1D

    I did not see the video i don’t know y??

  • Directionerx4xlife

    omfg i cant stop crying after watching that video! My babies grew up so fast omg!

  • alicia

    waiting for ages

  • Sidney Wawak

    Haha EVERYTIME y’all say uncle Si Ik u mean simon but like I think of duck dynasty :3 LOVE THE VID BTW

  • Andie Espineli

    It’s USUAL. Every time there’s a new music video, they will always say “The latest music video will be their best one yet”. Agree? It’s actually funny though :)

  • Anizza

    The video is out on Sunday, check one direction’s vevo channel 😀