Six Super-HQ Videos From One Direction’s Hershey Pennsylvania Concerts

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Liam and Zayn in Hershey

Louis and Niall in Hershey

Harry looking strangely at Niall in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Ok, so 1D are fresh from their weekend of fun in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where they knocked the roof off the Hershey Park Stadium with two killer gigs on Friday and Saturday night.

Making the world a smaller place as always, here’s the latest bunch of great fan videos, letting you sample all the fun and emotion of a One Direction concert.


Here’s a song we really love from ‘Take Me Home’, and it’s a cracker of a video.

It’s ‘Last First Kiss’. Enjoy…

Ok, now what about TWO great vids of the Twitter questions. Get your 1D groove from multiple angles :)

Next we’ve got the great Ed Sheeran penned song, ‘Over Again’:

How about some Change My Mind?

Time to get those tears out. Yep it’s Moments…

Thanks to the following for the YouTube vids and screengrabs – 4TheKAAllison Reichart and HeyConcerts.

  • marmar margs lominoque

    I wish I meet 1D for my first concert

  • Stini2526

    nice videos

  • Acacia Brinley Clark

    niccceee love ittt

  • Tiffany Le

    they performed on my birthday

  • Genesis Horan

    They were in my state they were a couple min away from me :(

  • Nialler4ever

    xD In the first vid when Niall and Louis keep messing Liam up

  • Nialler4ever

    Niall and Louis are such good friends. I never realized how close they were until now :)

    • Riel Whittle

      I know!!! BFF’s :) they’re so cute together (and when they’re picking on Liam 😀

    • Harry’s Cupcake

      Yeah they r amazing

  • 1Darepotatoes

    I went on Saturday best day of my life

  • Howis1D

    The part when Louis and Niall mess up Last frist kiss and when Niall cracks up in moments xD <3

    • Riel Whittle

      What was Louis saying?!? Cause Niall looked like he was dying of laughter! It’s made me crack up XD I love a good laugh 😀

  • Riel Whittle

    I’m guessing some of these vids were from different days? I wonder if most ppl went to both or just one or the other? And I wonder if you had season ticket passes could u go in for free? Cause it was in the park no? I could be wrong though… I so wanted to go since it was only about 3 hours away…

    • Morgan

      No u had to buy tickets for both days ; or only one day which is what I did

  • Mrs. Horlinson

    I never noticed how close Nouis were until now. *cries* they’re so beautiful. just so beautiful.

  • Morgan

    I WAS THERE ON THE 5th!!!!!!!! They were amayZayn fabLouis phenomeNiall extraordanHarry and brilLiam!!!!