One Direction Merchandise

  • Arei Turner

    im okay just as long as i get my hazza

    • Kaitlyn Roskruge

      he’s gay

  • Arei Turner

    i love louis tomlinson hes so perfect

  • Salma Payne

    i love one direction !! theu r my idole , i wish theu come to tunisia one day ,! i hope so

  • Nikki Maust

    A true directioner can have a favorite

    • kailah fashion

      yes they can girl, i am a true and official directioner.

  • niall lover

    I luv 1D but mostly Niall Horan

  • Cassia Patricia

    Mainly I Love One Direction Harry!!!

  • Sekar_Directioners

    I love u guys … sooo much ! <3

  • emily rhein

    hi u guys i love one direction

  • emily rhein

    me too

  • emily rhein

    harry niall and liam i need talk to u guys

  • 1directiongirl02

    no u don’t have love all them u can love one of them and just like harry liam zayn and louis so shut up maybe ur not a true directioner

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    he’s got a boyfriend

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    so does louis

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    theyre not going to answer???

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    you’re probably like 12

  • aracely

    I Love Louis Tomlinson and harry styles they are cute couple because I saw all the video od larry stylinson on youtube.

  • aracely

    is that true that harry styles is leaving the band.

  • mzungu

    i just hate them all!!!!

  • hailey burrus

    amen i argree

  • nialler

    Fouuuurrr is out

  • kailah fashion

    i love harry styles

  • kailah fashion

    I am 12 years old in the 6th grade

  • love 1d

    they are my favourite and don’t touch niall i’ll be his 1 love no you

  • Leslie Malik

    one direction u are my inspiration to success my goal in life.. I LOVE YOU 1D

  • audrey1D

    Niall horan it is perfect <3<3<3

  • serena malik

    che figata,e’ troppo berllo.
    e’ bellissimo.

  • Siara Ryan


  • Riya Chand