One Direction Merchandise

  • Arei Turner

    im okay just as long as i get my hazza

    • Kaitlyn Roskruge

      he’s gay

  • Arei Turner

    i love louis tomlinson hes so perfect

  • Salma Payne

    i love one direction !! theu r my idole , i wish theu come to tunisia one day ,! i hope so

  • Nikki Maust

    A true directioner can have a favorite

    • kailah fashion

      yes they can girl, i am a true and official directioner.

  • niall lover

    I luv 1D but mostly Niall Horan

  • Cassia Patricia

    Mainly I Love One Direction Harry!!!

  • Sekar_Directioners

    I love u guys … sooo much ! <3

  • emily rhein

    hi u guys i love one direction

  • emily rhein

    me too

  • emily rhein

    harry niall and liam i need talk to u guys

  • 1directiongirl02

    no u don’t have love all them u can love one of them and just like harry liam zayn and louis so shut up maybe ur not a true directioner

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    he’s got a boyfriend

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    so does louis

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    theyre not going to answer???

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    you’re probably like 12

  • aracely

    I Love Louis Tomlinson and harry styles they are cute couple because I saw all the video od larry stylinson on youtube.

  • aracely

    is that true that harry styles is leaving the band.

  • mzungu

    i just hate them all!!!!

  • hailey burrus

    amen i argree

  • nialler

    Fouuuurrr is out

  • kailah fashion

    i love harry styles

  • kailah fashion

    I am 12 years old in the 6th grade

  • love 1d

    they are my favourite and don’t touch niall i’ll be his 1 love no you

  • Leslie Malik

    one direction u are my inspiration to success my goal in life.. I LOVE YOU 1D

  • audrey1D

    Niall horan it is perfect <3<3<3

  • serena malik

    che figata,e’ troppo berllo.
    e’ bellissimo.

  • Siara Ryan


  • Riya Chand


  • Harry lover

    I agree 100% it’s sad that people do this have to fight over them, like why can’t you just let them be happy!! And when they are joking about something paparazzi and or fans, and haters think that they are serious!! Like really, and when they girls as friends people think that they are dating all of them! And when they do have new dates fans get mad and send death threats at them, like why can’t you just let be happy!

  • Maryam Khaled

    one direction please can you come to Egypt

  • Emily Horan

    I love Niall James Horan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • athena pricella

    I l<3ve Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson 4 ever and ever

  • brenda

    I love harry n niall they are so sensitive.