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Love 1D?

Then you’ll wanna get yourself kitted out with all the best One Direction merchandise available.

Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry are 5 boys from the UK that have taken over the world in the last couple of years, but of course you know all that, doncha? Read more about their history here.

So far in their short career they’ve released two albums, both platinum selling, and both going straight to number one in the US Billboard charts, breaking previous records for a British group.

As well as their record breaking music, they’ve also got a mahoosive range of awesome merchandise – whether it’s clothing, jewellery, phone accessories, toys or pretty much anything you can think of – there’s usually something 1D branded you can get your mitts on.

We’ve got a few links here to some of the best places to buy 1D stuff from, so read on shoppers ;)

Definitely the best place for 1D merchandise is the 100% Official One Direction store, over at They’ve got a huge range of clothing, accessories, posters dolls, music, DVD’s and much, much more. It’s pretty much One Direction heaven! Click below to visit the store:

One Direction Store

Amazon have a ton of great One Direction goodies, ranging from pendants, earphones, headphones, alarm clocks and more. If the official store doesn’t have certain things in stock then Amazon is a great option to look at.

There’s also a large range of 1D books available, as well as all the boys’ music available as downloads. Grab yourself the debut album ‘Up All Night’, or the latest hit record ‘Take Me Home’ – or just take your pick of whichever song takes your fancy.

Click below to browse 1D stuff over at Amazon: for One Direction merchandise

GB Posters is an amazayn store specialising in posters, but also selling other bits and pieces like stickers and door hangers. If it’s One Direction posters that you’re looking for though, you’ve certainly found the right place!

They’ve got loooooads of super-duper 1D wall art just waiting to get slapped on your wall. They ship worldwide, and you can change your currency at the top right of the site.

Click below to browse their sweet 1D goodies:

One Direction posters

Zing Skins let you personalize your iPods, cellphones, consoles, laptops, kindles and anything else you want!

Z!ng Revolution have the biggest selection of ready-made images but you can also upload your own artwork too. Wow!

You simply choose your device, choose your image, and then your great quality skin gets sent to you in the post ready for you to stick onto your eDevice. We love it!

Check out their custom One Direction skins below:

Zing Revolution skins

  • Arei Turner

    im okay just as long as i get my hazza

    • Kaitlyn Roskruge

      he’s gay

  • Arei Turner

    i love louis tomlinson hes so perfect

  • Salma Payne

    i love one direction !! theu r my idole , i wish theu come to tunisia one day ,! i hope so

  • Nikki Maust

    A true directioner can have a favorite

  • niall lover

    I luv 1D but mostly Niall Horan

  • Cassia Patricia

    Mainly I Love One Direction Harry!!!

  • Sekar_Directioners

    I love u guys … sooo much ! <3

  • emily rhein

    hi u guys i love one direction

  • emily rhein

    me too

  • emily rhein

    harry niall and liam i need talk to u guys

  • 1directiongirl02

    no u don’t have love all them u can love one of them and just like harry liam zayn and louis so shut up maybe ur not a true directioner

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    he’s got a boyfriend

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    so does louis

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    theyre not going to answer???

  • Kaitlyn Roskruge

    you’re probably like 12

  • aracely

    I Love Louis Tomlinson and harry styles they are cute couple because I saw all the video od larry stylinson on youtube.

  • aracely

    is that true that harry styles is leaving the band.

  • mzungu

    i just hate them all!!!!

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