Super HQ Pics From One Direction’s Wicked Washington Concert

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Two days ago One Direction played a concert at the D.C. Verizon Center in Washington, USA and we’ve got a bunch of great pics for you to look (perv) at.

The concert was the latest stage of the megatastic sell-out ‘Take Me Home Tour’.

Perv on…

One Direction on-stage in Washington

Aww, a bit of Larry love!

Harry and Louis singing on-stage in Washington

Harry blows a MASSIVE kiss to the crowd.

Harry Styles on-stage in Washington

Liam looking all gangsta.

Liam Payne singing to Louis Tomlinson in Washington

Hands up if you love Niall Horan!

Niall Horan raises his hands to the crowd in Washington

What are Liam and Louis doing here to poor old Harry?

All the 1D boys singing on-stage in Washington, USA

Time for some videos? Ok go on then…

Here’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’:

One Way Or Another:

Summer Love:

Next on the USA hitlist is the PA Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. As usual if you’re looking for tickets make sure you check out our awesome 1D Ticket Finder.

And have you downloaded our new & updated ‘One Direction World’ Android and iPhone app yet?

Pics from Splash (AKM-GSI).

  • #1liamlover

    Omg I just cant wait till the next tour, I will never get tired of 1D, like if u agree

  • #1liamlover

    Lol , harry in his sandels

  • #1liamlover

    Then he goes barefoot , lol

  • Ailynnn

    On the first vid Harry is wearing a sandal:) feel at home Harry :)

  • Stini2526

    1d playing soccer love it

    • Riel Whittle

      It was so random and funny with Louis doing it the most. I wonder though if they did it at all the other concerts as well? Red white and blue though was a nice touch!

  • #1 Directioner

    Would love to see them ♥ i dont even have a ticket and not comjng to my country too :'(

  • Paola Guerrero

    I knew it. Niall wasn’t the one singing in Summer Love’s chorus but rather Zayn. 😉

  • sduffy

    Niall: “we have 1 song left to sing…does anyone know what that song is?”
    Niall: “….yea…it’s what makes you beautiful”

    • Riel Whittle

      I got it wrong at the concert… I’m glad no one heard me lol :) I forgot they hadn’t sung that yet XD

  • AlPal

    Just letting you know: Washington D.C. is the Capitol of the U.S. It is not actually in one of the 50 states, but is it’s own government district (D.C. stands for District of Columbia). Washington, however, is actually a state on the west coast. Easily confused, they are usually referred to as D.C. and Washington State, respectively. Thanks and no offense. I just know it can be confusing to non-Americans.

  • Eliana HarryMou

    of course

  • Riel Whittle

    They said goodbye and everyone was like what?!? And then they came back!!!! Every was happy once more :3 after what makes u beautiful I was suspicious of if that was REALLY their last song and sadly it was :'(

  • Guest

    This girl I know gave loam the hat that he is wearing! She won VIP tickets!

  • one_mixtioner_mrs_malik

    This girl I know gave liam the hat he is wearing!!!!! She won VIP tickets

  • Jenna

    I love how Niall goes..Hmmm I was just thinking next month it has been three years. Directioners are like uuuhhhh yeah! July 23 8:22 pm!

  • Jenna

    Harry being sexy in flip-flops!

  • Brittany Horan

    I went to that concert

  • JSRRamsaran

    wow yeah i love them so much!!! <3
    and when they said to put ur hands up if u luv niall horan, i immediately did and my laptop fell of my lap

  • Sharri

    Harry has womenly legs :-)

  • ZarMaz

    4th n 5th pictures: THAT WAS LIAM? i thought it was Justin Bieber! i like the swagger!

  • marmar margs lominoque

    if I was there i would catch Harry’s kiss and put my hands up