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Top Ten One Direction Gifts For Christmas 2013

We’re now in November, so not long until Christmas. So if you haven’t thought about what you want to ask santa for, maybe these will give you some ideas! ‘I Love One Direction’ Hoodie   One of the obvious gifts for a Directioner but still would be greatly appreciated. There are plenty of other designs

Top 10 One Direction Christmas Presents

Ok, so we know what all you Directioners REALLY want for Christmas, but let’s face it, that’s just probably not going to happen. Sorry, guys. So the closest you’re gonna get to receiving the 1D boys this year, is by grabbing some of their awesome One Direction goodies! We’ve picked out our top 10 One

Christmas TV Special For 1D? Yes Please!

According to the Daily Star, One Direction are set to host a Christmas TV extravaganza – a concert mixed with special guests AND back-stage footage. Currently flying high all over the world, and in the midst of an Australia and New Zealand tour, the boys are rumoured to have been offered up to £800,000 for

What Have 1D Been Up To In December?

It’s nearly 2012 (in fact there’s just over 12 hours to go), and One Direction are now an established boyband, selling millions of records and making girls swoon at the merest glimpse of the boys. With H,L,L,Z & N set to resume their UK tour in a few days time here’s a round-up of what

A Christmas Message from the Boys!

How sweet, a lovely Christmas message from the most popular five boys in the UK! Well, 2011 has been a brilliant year for 1D – so what will 2012 bring! Merry Christmas everybody! Leave your christmas and new year wishes for the boys below (click the title of this post if you’re reading it on