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Liam Payne Misses Ex Danielle Peazer And Wants Her Back

Most Directioners thought Liam & Danielle were destined to be together forever, with only Louis & Eleanor giving them a match for their long-lasting-ness. However all that ended earlier this year when the pair split, stating work commitments as their main reason for calling it a day. A source speaking to Heat magazine said: “He’s

The Tribute to Danielle Peazer

So, you all know that Liam and Danielle have officially split up. And as happy as we are that Liam is not single, we’re really quite gutted, we liked Danielle. So, we thought we’d do our very own tribute to the gorgeous girl that made our Liam happy for so long. We thought they

The Day After The Big Split: Liam And Danielle Are No More

A rep speaking on behalf of One Direction yesterday confirmed the rumours about Danielle Peazer and Liam Payne being no more. Which means it’s officially true that Payzer have split up. Payzer are finito. Payzer are yesterdays news. Payzer are OVER. And we actually feel a little bit sad about the news, because they were

OMG! It’s True, Liam And Danielle Have SPLIT UP! For Good!

If today’s report in Brit newspaper The Sun is to be believed, then Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer have called it quits for the second time, and this time it’s for good. They initially separated last year due to each others busy schedule but got back together after they realised their emotions for each other

Danielle Peazer Is A Big Hit On The X Factor Tour

Danielle Peazer is currently taking part in the X Factor UK tour with boyband hotties Union J and District 3, as well as James Arthur, Rylan Clark and more. Chatting to Heat, she said: “It’s great to have Rylan back with us. He was nervous on the first day back because he was like ‘oh

Eleanor Sends Tweet From Louis’ Phone – Huh?

Last night, Louis Tomlinson seemingly posted the following tweet on his profile: “@DaniellePeazer I know, I’m a recluse! Will you be in Manchester soon? Text me the dates and we’ll have fun! xx” Something doesn’t quite add up, right? Apparently, Eleanor had sent the message on her phone, forgetting that Louis had earlier logged in

Liam And Danielle: The Latest On Their Relationship

So what’s really going on with Mr Liam Payne and Mrs Danielle Peazer? Are they like proper boyfriend and girfriend or what? (juicy) Or are they just mates? (boring) Liam is currently rehearsing with his 1D buddies for their forthcoming mega One Direction World Tour starting next month. Only this week Niall tweeted: “Rehearsals goin

PIC: Danielle Peazer Posts Her 2012 Photo Memories

Here’s a quick one for you all – showing just how much Danielle still cares for Liam. She posted her memories of 2012 on Twittter on NYE in a cool little photo montage, with both Liam and Eleanor featuring in the pics. She tweeted: “2012 Memories…… xx” Have a look: Payzer split for a while

One Direction – Who’s Dating Who ?

Right, we know its a bit hard to keep up to date with the love lives of the 1D boys, so we thought we’d just have a quick look at what’s going on and get all the juicy gossip about the current 1D WAGs. Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer Luckily for us, Liam doesn’t change