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WATCH: Go Behind The Scenes Of The Kiss You Vid!

Tired of watching the original ‘Kiss You’ video over and over again? Sick of watching the One Direction dogs? Well this next vid is just for you…..  Go behind the scenes with Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry and get a glimpse of how the video was made. Ogle at the lads with no clothes

VIDEO: One Direction As Dressed Up Dogs!

This is quite possibly THE funniest One Direction video EVER. Some clever person has put together a cover video of 1D’s Kiss You – except it’s called ‘Lick You’ and stars only dressed up dogs… Yep, dogs. 5 dogs replace Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall for one night only, And WE LOVE IT! ‘Pup

One Direction Fail To Beat The Biebs In Music Vid Fight

The Kiss You video is already approaching 50 million views, but the biggest prize to be had was the amount of views it could have gotten in the 24 hours after from when it was released. We didn’t even need to be encouraged from the boys themselves, because the video is so great we could

Best One Yet: The Boys Love the “Kiss You” Video

It has been 24 hours since the “Kiss You” video was released to a blockbuster reception on Vevo & YouTube, but it will still be some time to find out if One Direction has snatched back the record of most views in 1 day from Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. Despite this, the fan reaction

It’s Out! Watch The FULL Kiss You Video!

OMG. Omg. OmmmmGGGGGGG. Kiss You video is like, HERE. Nuff said, watch it below… We’re just gonna throw in a few noms now to add to the OMG’s above. Nom. Nom nom. Nom nom nom. And then we’ll finish with a big fat OOOOSH! PS. Have you entered our brand new One Direction Concert Tickets

It’s The Kiss You Video Day – Are You Ready?

Ooh how exciting! Today’s the day when we finally get to see the brand new video for 1D’s latest killer tune ‘Kiss You’. If you’ve had your head in a bucket of sand then you’ll have probably missed the 5 teaser vids we’ve had so far, one being released each of the last 5 days.

VIDEO: Second 1D ‘Kiss You’ Teaser

The 5 day countdown until the release of the ‘Kiss You’ video continues, as we’re given yet another short teaser of the boys behind-the-scenes. Changing it up from the sailor outfits, the boys dress down wearing prison overalls, acting the bad boys. This segment of the video is suspected to be inspired by Elvis Presley’s

1D Say “Kiss You” Video Is “Pure Stupidity” :)

Directioners around the world have been hanging in there for the release of the “Kiss You” video and so far only seen a few sneak peek images from a Bring me to 1D clip released earlier in the month. However 1D has teased what the finished product will be like, but judging from the reactions

Watch 1D Sing Live On The US X Factor Finale

“Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like. We can go out any day any night. Baby I’ll take you there, take you there.Baby I’ll take you there, there….” Recognise those lyrics ? Course you do! They’re the opening lyrics to the latest mega song from 1D – ‘Kiss You’, which they performed