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Listen To A Cool Acoustic Version of ‘Live While We’re Young’

Wanna listen to a totally chilled-out and uber-cool version of One Direction’s hit single ‘Live While We’re Young’? Well you NEED to listen to this! It’s not a new recording, but it definitely needs mentioning again. Pop Goes Live, with One Direction: The song is mixed and edited by Lucas. F, and you can check

LWWY Makes US Pop History!

One Direction’s new single, ‘LWWY’, was pipped at the post for number one in Australia and the UK, but it seems they have had more luck with the track in the US of A! They have sold 341,000 copies of the catchy, summery pop song in the first week alone, which has given the track

Rihanna Pips One Direction To The Post In This Weeks Chart Battle!

There was no stopping Rihanna this week when her brand new single ‘Diamonds’ outsold both One Direction’s ‘Live While We’re Young’ and previous number one spot holder PSY, who rode his invisible horse back to second place with dance sensation ‘Gangnam Style’. It was a close call mid-week when One Direction were up 250 sales

Behind The Scenes ‘Live While We’re Young’ Video Released!

The OneDirectionVEVO YouTube channel has just put up a brand new ‘Behind The Scenes’ video of ‘Live While We’re Young’, and it’s AMAZING. Catch the boys talking about how the vid was filmed, see lots more juicy stuff, and most of all just ogle at more hot pics of the lads with NO CLOTHES ON!

Have You Bought ‘Live While We’re Young’ Yet?

It’s out! 1D’s latest mega-pop-hit single ‘Live While We’re Young’ is now available to buy. Both on download and physical CD copies too. Have you bought your copy yet? It’s the first single from new album ‘Take Me Home’ which is released on November 13th, and we wanna see 1D hit the top spot in

Has LWWY Ripped Off “Should I Stay or Should I Go”?

Live While We’re Young is tearing up the VEVO views, and its catchy riff is going to be a hit around the world and be stuck in our heads just like What Makes You Beautiful did last year. But it looks like there are some striking similarities between the new track and a classic hit

1D To Perform ‘Live While We’re Young’ On X Factor

This time two years ago One Direction were starring in X Factor themselves, and now they’re going back onstage again to perform their new single ‘Live While We’re Young’. The song, released on radio stations all over the world on Thursday, will be performed to a big TV audience, and with the song set for

15 PICS From The ‘Live While We’re Young’ Video #LWWY

Capital FM will be playing ‘Live While We’re Young’ for the VERY FIRST TIME at 5pm UK time today, and the video will be launched on YouTube at 6PM. If you can’t wait till then, here’s some lovely screengrabs that we managed to get from a sneaky leaky copy that we happened to catch earlier

Lyrics For ‘Live While We’re Young’ #LWWY

We’ve managed to quickly scribble down some of the lyrics to One Direction’s new song ‘Live While We’re Young’, with a little bit of help from Tumblr so here goes: Liam: Hey girl I’m waiting on ya,I’m waiting on ya c’mon and let me sneak you out and have a celebration,a celebration,the music up the windows

OMG! Live While We’re Young Leaked! #LWWY

Wooah! Wooah! Wooooooooooooah! One Direction’s brand new single ‘Live While We’re Young’ has been leaked onto the internet! Above are some pics from the video which was posted onto YouTube earlier today, and then quickly removed. However we’ve managed to find another copy below (warning, this vid might be removed soon, so watch it while you