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One Direction Set To Re-Release First Two Albums As Special Double Edition?

It’s always exciting to see some new One Direction products getting released. Recently, we’ve seen new 1D cupcake making kits getting announced, as well as new Summer fragrance “You & I”. But what you’re probably not expecting to get a future release is the band’s first two albums – because obviously they’re already out. You’ll

One Direction Perform “Best Song Ever” Live For The First Time!

Last night, 1D’s “Take Me Home” tour hit San Jose, USA. The crowd of San Jose Directioners would have had a fantastic night anyway, but they didn’t know just how special it would be. One Direction’s new single “Best Song Ever” has quickly become everyone’s favourite 1D track, and the audience in San Jose were

1D Wow British Audiences At The London O2 Arena (PICS)

What a night it was last night at the O2 Arena in London! Camryn, 5 Seconds of Summer and last but certainly not least One Direction kicked off the Take Me Home tour in style – and we were there to experience the amazement. The doors opened at 6.30 to large queues, and it took

PICS: 1D Rehearse For The ‘Take Me Home’ Tour – With Dogs

Ok Directioners, which of you have been lucky enough to get hold of tickets for 1D’s ‘Take Me Home’ tour? The opening night takes place on February 23rd at London’s O2 Arena. Eek! Check out the following set of pics during rehearsals, which show the lads practicing their very best dance moves. Whats’ Liam doing

WHAT? 1D’s Albums Are The Most Returned Gifts This Christmas!

Surely this can’t be true, right? It has been revealed that One Direction albums are amongst the most returned and the most unwanted gifts this Christmas time! Clearly a lot of people out there have a terrible taste in music and don’t appreciate the magic of 1D! Although both One Direction albums have been top

One Direction Get Second Million Seller With “Take Me Home”

One Direction have done something in the USA that hasn’t been seen since 2005. They have sold a million copies of each of their brand new albums in just 12 months, which is even more amazing because the second LP was only released last month! The last person to have two 1 million sellers was

‘Take Me Home’ Is Top Of The Pops In 32 COUNTRIES!

How good must Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam feel right now? Their sophomore album has not only gone straight to the top in their UK homeland and the USA, but it’s also number one in another 30 countries worldwide. Check this for a list! USA UK Canada Australia New Zealand Belgium Denmark Greece Holland

Take Me Home Hits Number 1 In The US With 540,000 Sales!

One Direction’s second effort this year for the American market has easily debuted at number 1 on the Hot 200 chart, selling a whopping 540,000 in its premiere week. This makes it the third biggest selling first week of the year behind Taylor Swift and Mumford & Sons who sold 1.2 million and 600,000 respectively.

1D Admit They’re Lazy At Christmas As ‘Take Me Home’ Kicks Ass

Christmas has come early for One Direction this year because the number ones from around the world have started flowing in, including major Western markets. Our boys have done the double in the UK, with “Take Me Home” and “Little Things” hitting number 1 in the same week, a fantastic achievement especially as “Little Things”

1D Score A UK Single And Album DOUBLE NUMBER ONE!

The official Top 40 UK chart rundown took place earlier today, and the song right at the top was none other than 1D’s awesome new track ‘Little Things’! The boys appeared live on air with Reggie Yates, and were delighted when they found out that not only was their single number one, but the new