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Louis Tomlinson Reveals His Brand New Tattoo… But What Is It?

We recently reported that Louis and Liam joined Harry in LA. Now we’re wondering if Louis decided to join his band mate in California as an excuse to head over to their favourite tattoo shop, Shamrock Tattoo… It’s always hard to keep track of who’s got what tattoo and where, and we’ve tried to keep

Zayn Malik Gets a Tattoo of an Eye! #ToKeepAnEyeOnPerrie?

  [Pics from Tattoo Magic’s Facebook page] On Thursday, Zayn Malik visited Tattoo Magic in Weymouth, England, to add to his ever-increasing tattoo collection. Zayn had the new ink included on his very colorful sleeve, and the image apparently features an eye crying out tears that turn into smoke. Last summer, Zayn and Perrie visited

Harry Styles Has Yet Another Tattoo On His Left Arm

It seems Harry can’t go very long without getting a new tattoo. Maybe he’s trying to get tattoos on every continent as well as pretty much every part of his body. Anyway the new tattoo is a portrait of a skeleton wearing a jacket and a hat. Don’t even try and ask us to explain