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Are Niall Horan & Ed Sheeran Enemies? Definitely Not!

Remember those stupid press stories from last year, that suggested Niall had fallen out with friend of the band Ed Sheeran? Apparently, Niall went off and had a bit of a fling with Ellie Goulding, who at the time was dating Ed Sheeran. This ‘supposedly’ led to Niall and Ellie becoming the subjects of Sheeran’s

Is Taylor Swift Only Dating Matt Healy To Make Harry Styles Jealous?!

Okay Directioners, you’re probably going to get a little angry now. As usual, the press have been stirring things up, with some “source” trying to create drama in the Haylor world. A lot of One Direction fans already have enough to hate Taylor Swift for, but now it’s been claimed she’s attempting to make Harry

Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Are “Really Good Friends”

It looks like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have put their past behind them, and are now great friends. Their old relationship is now completely in the past, and they’re getting along just fine. Taylor is set to release new album “1989” soon, and as a treat, she invited 35 of her biggest fans to

Niall Horan And Taylor Swift – Just Friends? Or Is There More To It?

[Twitter: ‏@thevampsamyy] It’s been over a year now since Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s relationship ended. We all remember the pair kissing at midnight in Times Square, and it looked like the perfect celebrity romance. But we all know what happened not long after it, don’t we? Harry has since moved on, and is currently hotfooting

Taylor Swift Ignores Harry During the AMAs!

Last night’s American Music Awards definitely kept everyone interested. With Pitbull as the host, plenty of well-deserved awards, and several interesting performances, it was destined to be a memorable night. Our very own One Direction performed the amazing “Story of My Life” toward the beginning of the show, setting it off to a wonderful start.