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Valentine’s Day Special: One Direction Talk Love And Girls!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s the most romantic day of the year, but just how romantic are Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn? Well, Teen Now have found out just how soppy and sweet they are in a Valentine’s special of their magazine. The magazine quizzed One Direction on how they tie in their love

Harry Styles’ Valentines Message To Fans

Ah, if there’s one thing that we wanted for Valentines Day, it’s gotta be Harry Styles. And our dream has nearly come true! The One Direction Heartthrob has produced a special Valentines audio message for Capital FM, directed to all of his fans. In the clip, Harry says that he hopes we are all having

One Direction’s Valentines Day Playlist With Taylor Swift

1D have been busy compiling a list of their fave Valentines tunes that they like to whistle to whilst getting ready for their hot dates. Well, really they just threw together a bunch of cheesy love songs that they enjoy…Including TAYLOR SWIFT. But, it works. As we’ve forever been intrigued as to what kinda tunes

Niall Horan: The Dream Valentines Day Hubby

Irish heartthrob Niall Horan has topped the list of the Dream Valentines Day Husbands. Well, we didn’t need a poll to tell us that, we could’ve published that ourselves. The poll by ‘We Love Pop’ magazine saw teenage girls vote for the celeb they would most like to marry. And of course, our very own

VIDEO: One Direction Valentines Day Treat ♥

Happy Valentines Day Directioners! 😀 So, who’s all loved up this Valentines Day? P.s Do you like our really over the top V day pic? 😉 We’ve decided that we don’t need to have a boyfriend to celebrate today…we can just drool over the One Direction boys instead. So to make that easier for you

Give Your Fave A Kiss In The One Direction Kissing Booth

Happy Valentines day everybody! We’ve got a bumper crop of new posts coming up today, all designed to celebrate the utter gorgeousness that is One Direction. Firstly, we want you to try the cool One Direction Kissing Booth from the official 1D Facebook page. You can upload your own photo to see yourself planting a

What Are 1D’s Fave Valentines Songs?

Happy Valentines Day Directioners! We hope you’ve all got your eyes on somebody today – it’s the official day of love, so go give that special somebody a big kiss on the lips when you see them today 😉 The 1D boys have all revealed their favourite Valentines songs and the cheesiest of them all

Who’s Got The Best Valentines Day Talents?

It’s nearly Valentines Day, and Cambio have released another short video with the 1D boys answering more questions about their past romantic conquests. Zayn has used his musical talents to write a sweet song for a past girlfriend, Liam bought a girl flowers when she wasn’t feeling well, and Louis once prepared a tasty romantic