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Zayn Leaves 1D — Is Perrie Quitting Little Mix Too?

They’re Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards of One Direction and Little Mix. They’re the cutest couple in all of pop music, two beautiful superstars who are totally devoted to each other through thick and thin. So now that Zayn’s left his mates in One Direction, will Perrie also be following the same path, and ditching

Perrie Edwards Reveals Why The Zerrie Wedding Has Been Postponed

Recently, the press have started to worry us a little, claiming that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards were growing apart, and postponing their wedding ceremony. Granted, they did get engaged over a year ago, but it doesn’t mean they need a date set and everything already! Putting our minds at rest, Perrie Edwards confirmed there

ZERRIE SHOCKER: “Fed Up” Zayn Postpones Wedding To Perrie!

Fed up with the little bit of time he gets to see his Little Mix sweetheart Perrie Edwards these days, Zayn Malik has postponed their wedding. Friends of the One Direction singer have confirmed this, to The Mirror. It was just last week that Zayn was quoted in Sunday People as desperately needing to spend

1D Boys Reveal They’re Taking Zayn To Las Vegas For Stag Party

Zayn and Perrie might still not that close to getting married, but it hasn’t stopped the rest of One Direction from making some big plans. There’s obviously no date set yet for the big Zerrie wedding, but it doesn’t matter. Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis have already started to think about the big stag party. So,

Is Zayn Malik Getting “Cold Feet” Over Marrying Perrie Edwards?

We’re still waiting for the wedding of the century, between Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. The couple have been engaged for over a year now, since Zayn proposed to Perrie in August 2013. However, it seems that wedding planning is taking a little longer than expected and we’re definitely not holding our breath for a

Zayn’s Cozy Weekend With Perrie Comes To An Abrupt End

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards might be the most in-demand couple in all of pop music — so much so that the couple finds it increasingly harder to meet their own demands for couple time. It doesn’t seem to make their relationship any less special, or romantic — on the contrary, the pair of popsingers

The Most Adorable Zerrie Pictures Explode All Over Twitter

We LOVE Zerrie. Without a doubt, Zayn and Perrie are our absolute fave One Direction couple, and probably celebrity couple too. We’re sorry, Louis and Eleanor, but that’s just how it is. We heard yesterday how Zayn won himself quite a few brownie points by making Zerrie’s dreams come true. She hoped that she would

Perrie Edwards Likes To Keep Zayn Malik “On His Toes”

Zerrie is our fave celeb couple EVER. Sorry, Elounor but we’re just super excited for their wedding. It’s nothing personal. With Zayn and Perrie having super duper busy schedules, it’s surprising that they do get to spend any time together. Of course, they grab the opportunity to get away together whenever they can, and will

Zayn Malik Meets His Oldest Fan – Perrie’s Great Grandmother!

This week, while Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall were busy with One Direction related activities, Zayn took some personal time to visit with his family. Zayn and Perrie with Perrie’s 99 year old great grandmother #4 – — 1DAlert (@1DAlert) May 22, 2014 Or rather, his fiancée. But she’s soon-to-be-family, so close enough. Zayn