“Take Me Home” Gets A “Yes” From Uncle Simon

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Oh Uncle Simon, we can’t thank you enough for bringing us One Direction. It’s hard to imagine life without the video diaries, the books, the CD’s, the merchandise and of course the constant twitter stalking that we simply just can’t stop doing.

So we are so happy to hear Mr. Cowell has given his approval to “Take Me Home”, as the lucky mogul has had a listen to the album way before us little people get to hear it.

He took to twitter to say the following.

“I heard most of the new one direction album today. It really is a fantastic album,”

The Coweller added:

“I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. When you hear or see something you have been a part of which is fantastic you realise how important your partners are. I am very lucky.”

Simon is back to glory days when it comes to boy bands. He was involved in British group “5ive/five” (however you want to style it) and also Westlife in the early days.

But no one could have predicted the stratospheric rise to fame that One Direction has had and even Simon himself can’t believe it!

When asked if he thought 1D would be as huge as the have become, he said the following to MTV news:

“No! I mean, you know, I thought they would work as a band, but you can’t predict these kinds of things,” he said. “But it’s down to them. They’ve worked hard. They work really well as a group. The records are good. They’re nice guys to work with. So the world, right now, is theirs.”

The world is theirs. But more importantly, “Live While We’re Young” has been released. So shake out some coins from your piggy bank or check the back of the sofa and go get yourself the single or download it on iTunes, Amazon or wherever else you cool cats can get your hands on it, LEGALLY of course.

Show the lads some support and they might even break some records!

You can also pre-order the album at our store!