Take Me Home Hits Number 1 In The US With 540,000 Sales!

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One Direction’s second effort this year for the American market has easily debuted at number 1 on the Hot 200 chart, selling a whopping 540,000 in its premiere week. This makes it the third biggest selling first week of the year behind Taylor Swift and Mumford & Sons who sold 1.2 million and 600,000 respectively.

“We just want to say a massive thanks to all the fans who have supported us,” Harry Styles said in an interview from London. “We can send tweets and thank them, but 140 characters is never going be enough to say how much it means.”

Awww, cheers Hazza!

Buoyed by the incredible publicity and exposure that the boys have had since taking over the world with their debut album “Up All Night”, their second effort has topped the charts in 30 countries according to their label, Columbia records. It has debuted in all key markets around world, showing the power of global directioners.

Nialler said of the album:

“We were a little bit nervous about how people were going to take it,”

“Everyone gets that second album syndrome.”

It’s achievements like these that have put 1D on Barbara Walter’s 10 most fascinating people for this year, aside the likes of E.L James (50 Shades) and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. They have 2 books and a multi-platinum concert DVD, that will be followed up by a 3D movie at the end of next year, in the same vain as the Glee and Katy Perry films.

Harry also talked about how his life has changed and how surreal he sometimes feels being in his position.

“I can see how it gets to people. I guess it’s quite easy to get wrapped up in it all,”

Styles added:

“We do the same things every other lad our age does. We go out, we have fun, we meet girls and stuff like that. Sometimes it gets written about, which, yeah, we think about it and it’s absolutely crazy. It’s still a bit weird thinking that that’s the way it is.”

A huge congratulations from all of us at One Direction News for another amazayn achievement.