‘Take Me Home’ Is Out – Have You Got A Copy Yet?

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Yay it’s the 12th of November, and you know what that means, ‘TAKE ME HOME’ IS OUT!

It seems like we’ve been waiting a lifetime, but finally One Direction’s second album finally hits the shops. Released to iTunes last week, a lot of you have already heard a bunch of the songs, but we know loads of you will be dying to get your hands on the super-awesome Yearbook Edition, which has an extra 4 songs plus some exclusive videos.

The full track listing of the album is below:

  1. Live While We’re Young
  2. Kiss You
  3. Little Things
  4. C’mon, C’mon
  5. Last First Kiss
  6. Heart Attack
  7. Rock Me
  8. Change My Mind
  9. I Would
  10. Over Again
  11. Back for You
  12. They Don’t Know About Us
  13. Summer Love
  14. She’s Not Afraid
  15. Loved You First
  16. Nobody Compares
  17. Still the One
  18. Video – One Thing (Live)
  19. Video – What Makes You Beautiful (Live)
  20. Video – Moments (Live)
  21. Video – Backstage at the iTunes Festival 2012

Here’s what some of you are saying about the album so on Twitter-land:

Advert for Take Me Home..just a reminder that I need to buy it then. pic.twitter.com/3FCcTTxp

“Harry” and “Take Me Home” are trending worldwide! :)


Take me home has been on replay since it came out in NZ (:

@Harry_Styles Take Me Home is soooo Amazing and Perfect!!

@Harry_Styles Harry…i’m going to school… I’m tireeeddd! Please follow me or tweet me? Ps: take me home is PERFECT.

So I’m stupid excited for my copy of Take Me Home to arrive. My parents said they’d buy me the Target version too hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Us lot at OneDirection.net are super-excited today – in fact it’s probably the most excited and proud we’ve felt since One Direction came into our lives!