Take Me Home Tops iTunes Around The World!

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With the UK just one day away from ‘Take Me Home’ officially being released, the Yearbook Edition of the album has already topped the iTunes charts in Australia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Ireland.


Additionally, in Luxembourg the standard edition is at number one. So that’s nearly 12 countries at number one in terms of digital sales, with physical sales likely to push the group to an astounding success with their second foray into the industry.

We have got our hands onto a physical Yearbook Edition of the album and want to share some of the oh so sweet and lovely things the boys have written into the booklet that is included in the CD pack, along with the 17 tracks.

Opening up the fold out paper case there is a welcome message stating:

“A massive, massive thank you to all of our amazing fans. You guys have been incredible from the start and have continued to support us throughout our whole 2 years of being together, we owe everything to you guys!!!”

The booklet includes a page for each of the boys, where the other 4 lads give their thoughts on how to describe each other. Here are some of things that define the boys.

  • Liam – Batman, daddy direction and cartoons.
  • Zayn – vas appening, bradford and always chilling.
  • Niall – happy-go-lucky, nandos and very cute.
  • Louis – totally mad, thoughtful and LOUD.
  • Harry – the hair, naked and a ladies man.

So basically the band members think the same of each other, that we already knew!

The next few pages include a tour diary and photo collection of sorts, showing off some of 1D’s biggest fans and featuring some behind the scenes photo’s, tweets and comments from all of the boys.

It’s a great thing to flick through while listening to all of the fantastic new tracks that are on the LP – some of our favourites include “Kiss You” and “Rock Me”, the latter of which plays homage to “We Will Rock You”. We also love the second Ed Sheeran track – ‘Over Again’.

Be sure to pick yourself up a copy of the album from our store!