Take One Direction Home With The “This Is Us” DVD Release!

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As if the holiday season couldn’t come any sooner with the One Direction boys constantly teasing us about their up and coming album ‘Midnight Memories’, they’ve added another thing for us to count down to.

Since seeing the movie ‘This Is Us’ in theaters (multiple times because they released an extended fan cut) wasn’t enough, our boys are releasing their box-office topping film onto Blu-ray and DVD so you can bring the concert experience right into your living room.

One Direction This Is Us DVD Covers

It seems like the boys finally got the jist that we just want to take them home. Now, how long before they let us kiss them?

The movie is available for purchase in the USA and Canada on December 17th, in Australia on January 29th, and the United Kingdom on December 19th.

There’s no word yet about just what’s going to be included on the DVD and Blu-ray, but most Directioners are probably hoping for more. We definitely are! With the amount of footage that they shot for the film, we’re hoping that they’ll include many, many deleted scenes.

Just think, hours upon hours of One Direction and you don’t even have to leave your home! A dream come true!

Since the film’s release over the summer, our boys have done numerous interviews and when asked about things that didn’t make the cut they’ve been a little bit evasive. All of us Directioners would love to get our hands on the scenes that they wanted us to see but just couldn’t make either cut of the film.

Though I’m sure we’d love to get our hands on the stuff they didn’t want us to see even more.

So, how many of you have marked down the date in your calendar and are feverishly counting down the days until you can finally bring One Direction home? We definitely are! Only about 57 more days in North America! :)

  • nil

    I dont know how im ganna wait till then.u guys always try to kill us.one day with ur hot hot photos and the other day with exciting news like this one!!;-);-);-);-)that’s why i love you:-*
    First comment yeeeeeeeh!!!!.

  • Adriyenni Garrotee

    RADE! BUY! Ahhhhhh! XD

  • Rayann Chabbo

    I swear, this is why i hate living in Australia. The movie only came out September 19 and we get everything delayed, even the perfume. But can’t wait, and also don’t know why I’m complaining because I live in Melbourne, one directions favourite Australian City.

    • Whatdoesthefoxsay

      Atleast its coming out there although its late. I live in Asia, Singapore to be exact and it seems like One direction doesnt know we exist. They never visit their perfumes don’t even exist here. Tbh singapore does have thousands and thousands of directioners

      • Leeyum’s Gurl <3

        Same here :(

      • I_will_marry_one_direction<3<3

        Also Dubai we have quite a few fans here but they never have come here EVER im not from Dubai but sadly live here and there is hardly any merch here either I h8 it !!!

        • cupcake306

          I live there too! but virgin has a lot of merch so its now my favorite shop they don’t have the perfume tho

      • Rayann Chabbo

        Really?! I didn’t know that, it must suck!

      • swifting

        I agree. I just came back from Singapore and it was extremely hard to find 1D merch there. I found more Wanted merch than 1D.

      • Awesome_Sauce

        Omg I live in Singapore too and it sucks to know that unfortunately 1D might not even know that Singapore even exists. I feel you…

      • Gwen

        You can find the perfume in BHG. $98 tons and tons of that. Tons.

    • Kelsey

      Its not One directions favourite Australian City Sydney is :)

  • rayya mALIK

    I hav a doubt ! Weather it will be comin online…because I liv in a wrong country………I can jst do online

  • Stini2526

    YES ahhhh

  • Cat


  • Anonymously Harry


  • Zayn Lover

    That’s why I hate living in this country!

    • Sara1466

      Where are u from because where I live is the same we have nothing ugggghhhh

      • Sara1466

        But I guess I’ll have to ask my aunt to get it for me because she lives in America

        • Brianna Verhasselt

          i live in america yeahhh theres lots of 1D stuff and i saw the movie

      • Zayn Lover

        I’m from Bangladesh where are u from??

  • Tildisen <3

    How about other countries??! I want…:'( I have already wrote down the movie on my christmas list when I realise that.. It’s not my country ..!#(

    • toinfinityandbeyond

      Just have your parents order it offline!

    • Oceania Horan

      Don’t worry at least ur parents would buy it

  • Kassandra Salina

    YESSS DEC 17th for me ❤️ I’m going to make my parents watch it

    • toinfinityandbeyond

      My mom has already seen it, now it’s time to make all me 7 brother’s to watch it!!! 😉

      • I_will_marry_one_direction<3<3

        Thats a lot of brothers i feel sorry for u

        • toinfinityandbeyond

          Their The best!!! Idk what I would do without them!!!

      • cupcake306

        I’m bringing my family(close and distant) and my friends and locking them in the living room with no escape… till the movie ends

        • toinfinityandbeyond

          That’s a great idea! My mum loved it though.

          • cupcake306

            my cousins are all boys and my parents disapprove of them and some of my friend hate them:( but not when i’m done with them!

      • Lillian Farrell

        Havent u thought about dressing them up as 1D? And i feel sry for u too

        • toinfinityandbeyond

          I’m almost 15, Idont think my parents would like that to well!

  • Vangie

    MOM DAD i know what i want for my b day!!

  • AnaGomez

    One direction are my guilty pleasure

  • jannah nounou

    That’s why I hate living in that country! There are no ONEDIRECTION stuff ! I always have to tell my cousin yo get thinhs to me cause he lives in London!


    Yessssssss my birthday is on the 6th but i can still get it

  • Annie1DBudd

    when i get this film its never leaving my DVD player!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Love1D

    Omg…….omg…….i am soooo happy

  • kelly <3 louis!!!

    aaaaaaaah! finally!! i’m telling you on 19 dec. i am in the shop to
    buy that movie!!!!!

  • alicia

    My uncle he’s a carrot but, he actually liked the movie and I was like yes, I’ve taught you well grasshoper .

  • Amber

    How come the blu-ray version is better than the original version?

  • Victoria Cortez


  • Gabi

    omg can’t wait!!! december 17th :) deffo #1 on my wishlist!

  • Violet

    How about in Indonesia?

  • Moriahromano

    @cat haha me toooooooooo I want this toooooooooo

  • Guest


  • Summer Love


  • Fan!!

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Brianna Verhasselt

    OMG im getting the movie
    p.s do ya like this pic

  • Onedirection4life

    HAH Australia and England USA gets it earlier. im so sorry i dont mean to be rude.