Taylor Swift Mocks Harry Styles At Grammy’s

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Looks like Swifty is feeling bitter about her breakup with 1D hearththrob Harry Styles, as she seems to mock her ex-lover during her performance at the Grammy Awards.


Directioners went into uproar and caused chaos on Twitter during Tay Tay’s performance as she took a sly dig at Harry.

Taylor sang her hit ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ at the show, and changed the lyrics to adapt it to the show as well as her former beau.

So, this is kinda how it went:

So he calls me up and he’s like [*cue British accent*] ‘I still love you’ “.

Taylors’ poor attempt at a British accent immediately sent shockwaves through social media sites as it was seen as a dig at Harry.

We’re not entirely convinced that he would actually be calling her up telling her that he still loves her though, it’s like so obvious that he’s so over her.

OUTRAGED Directioners took to Twitter writing all sorts of stuff like:

“Taylor Swift embarrassed herself more than she embarrassed Harry tonight in my opinion. It just shows her level of maturity is really low.”

“Umm excuse my language but f*ck you Taylor Swift you wouldn’t think we would catch that?! You dumb f*ck Sorry I jst had to say that goodnite”

“We are no longer a One Direction fandom we are a hate club for Taylor Swift”

Ooo, now that IS a fandom you just don’t wanna mess with Swifty!

So, whatever her aim was it didn’t win any brownie points with the Directioners of the world, and it also didn’t showcase her british accent-mocking skills very well either.

Hmm, we’re not sure that you did yourself any favours there Taylor.

Watch the vid for yourself and feel free to release your fury in the comment box below.

  • Ragini Rangan






  • Audrey Boleyn

    that british accent was more jamakin…… hey TAYLOR !!!……

  • Cora <3

    First off, Taywhore if you’re reading this, this is for you bby:

    Dear Taylor Allison “Taywhore” Swift,

    I hope you realize that you’re not a 12 y/o that just had her first boyfriend, you’re 23 f*cking years old! You’re not meant to act this way, or mock Harry neither. At least he hasn’t been with 14 boyfriends in the past 3 years!! As I said before, you’re not meant to act this way. Now I admit, you’re a gorgeous girl, but you need to slow down the relationship road cause girl, you are going way too far. Now, I suggest you wait about AT LEAST 8 months because it seems that every time I go to do laundry, (and trust me, I do it every Sunday.) you’re with a new man! I actually respected you and your music, but, I’ll say it again, you’ve gone way too far. You’re relationship status changes are out of control. And when I saw this video, with your crappy British accent and as you said, “…I used to think that we were forever…”, I just thought you’re just… how do I say it in a nice way… well, you know what? I can’t say it in a nice way because there is no way, and I mean NO way, to say it nicely, so I’ll just go ahead, you’re hilariously PATHETIC!!! And what do you mean “you used to think you guys we forever”!? You always think that about all of your boyfriends! I know you may be bored reading this, but it’s the truth. Now, take my advice and maybe, just maybe, you’ll earn more fans. And if you’re only dating so many guys just to make a new song, then try thinking about making a song about to never give up, never letting your fears take the best of you, etc. There are a bunch of songs you can add a good topic with. Please, just please, take my advice! I’ll probably earn a lot more respect for you, and the Swifties. Thank you for reading this (or anyone else reading it.), Love, Cora. =♥=♥=

  • http://www.facebook.com/alyssa.deboer.9 Alyssa DeBoer

    Omfg she sucks!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/heesun.yoon.946 Heesun Yoon

    Taylor, you are about to get fucked by THIS fandom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tori.novak.14 Tori Novak

    its one thing to tell someone off in person or through text message… but its another thing to dis someone on national television ! Taylor, do you THINK there’s a reason your still single?????

  • Mrs. Malik

    Screw taylor!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Super_Girl_1D Jessica Kakaley

    Real circus act literally. :)

  • http://twitter.com/carolyne_kim Carolyneluvs MrPayne

    You guys are all messed up! Just cuz she said something in brithish accent doesn’t mean it a bout HARRYYou guys shud b the one growing up! Shes a celb she got her own rights!

  • Allii

    Not a good move on her behalf especially as she tried to talk like Harry too! Deep voiced and slow, embarrassed herself more, did you see the look on the womens faces behind her?!! pricelss…

  • 1D_Forever_<3

    Wooow. Just wow Taylor. She was the reason for their break-up and now she is making fun of HARRY?! She should know not to mess with directioners. <3 =D

  • nessa

    People were saying she just was sick during her performance… I CALL BULLCRAP.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001050720323 Lucy Franklin

    Don’t hate me for this, I used to LIKE her song we are never getting back together. Not cus she sang it, cus it was a catchy song. I h8 her now.

  • KellyBoo123

    I know what she did was rude and all but you guys don’t need to gang up on her. I was pissed that she did that at the Grammys too but come on! We’re directioners! Yea we’re suppose to support One Direction but I don’t think they would want us to hate Taylor. Cut her some slack. She must miss Harry bad. Too bad he doesn’t LOL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angel.arellano.39794895 Angel Arellano

    Ok so this ratchet needs to grow up and get over her creepy obsession with Harry it’s sickening and disturbing

  • http://www.facebook.com/rochelle.vu.56 Rochelle Vu

    So Taylor’s at the Grammys, and she’s like, “Harry still luvs meh” and I’m like, “Seriously? You are getting so exhausting so face the truth: You two are never getting back together. Like, ever.”


  • ZarMaz

    She could honestly stoop that low?

  • Briana Nechelle

    She is such a freakin jerk, dont make fun of harry, or any other ex, just because your mad at the fact of not being together. TAYLOR, ITS CALLED LIFE. DEAL WITH IT B****.

    Thankyou for your time.

    Oh btw, Taylor horrible dress at the grammy’s.

  • pandaluvr aka tara simone

    Taylor,all i have to say is(probably.not all,but i dont like to type)LEAVE HARRY ALONE!UR NO GOOD FOR HIM!GET THAT THROUGH YOUR UGLY MIS-SHAPEN BRAIN!HARRY DESERVES BETTER,U DESERVE SOMETHING SOMEWHAT WORSE THAN A GARBAGE DISPOSAL.ALSO STOP ACTING LIKE YOUR FULL BLOOD.COUNTRY, UR FROM,PENSILVANIA!HARRY,I KNO THAT UR BETTER THAN HER!TAYLOR,STOP BEING SUCH A JERK(btw ur boyfriends probably broke up wih u becuz u act like such a baby when YOU yes YOU break up with them and then say that they did!ur such a liar,gosh go get a life!)HARRY WE ALL LOVE YOU!

  • Jazerhead

    She needs to realize the big mistake she’s maked. You do not want to mess like that, that is oblivios what she did that night

  • Jazerhead

    It was kind of funny though lol

  • Jazerhead

    :) :) :) :) :) lol hav a great time watching

  • http://twitter.com/directbelieber6 belieber directioner


  • melanie macnally

    i used to like taylor but now i hate her becasuse of what she did to harry styles

  • melanie macnally

    i used to like taylor but now i hate her becasuse of what she did to harry styles

  • brianna

    i love her but thats wierd

  • http://twitter.com/oliviarenaud1 Olivia Renaud 1D fan

    I think she did’nt get it that it’s Harry who broke up with her! #daMoment

  • Gemma

    Tried posting this a while ago but here it is now…
    Oh my god. Taylor, you need to understand that you are barking up the wrong tree and you are eventually going to get hurt. My boyfriend dumped me, but as P!nk said, SO WHAT? It’s not like I am so immature that I would attack him while performing at the Grammys!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL??????? Taylor is surely old enough now to decide for herself what is and what isn’t ok to do, and after pulling a stunt like this, I would not be surprised if the next time she dates someone, she will be an old hag sitting at home with 30 cats. Yeah… I said it!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Janoski1D4evr OneWayOrAnother1D:)

    I know this happened over a couple weeks ago but what doesn’t make sence to me is that one of my friends is a fan of Taylor Swift and she still is after the performance. So, she is a fan of a immature 23 year old who needs to wear more clothes *cough* slut *cough*

  • Cee16

    I don’t want to start hate but that was really immature and rude. Ive seen pre-schoolers more mature. Just wow Taylor , and btw Harry never wrote any bad songs about u!