Taylor Swift Obsessed With Harry Styles

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‘Haylor’ are the hottest teen couple around at the moment. Even hotter than Biebs and Selena Gomez! And that’s even BEFORE they have confirmed that they’re dating! But, rumour has it, Taylor is OBSESSED with Harry and is planning marriage and kids!

Insiders say that she is ‘obsessed‘ with the curly-haired hottie, and is forever trying to work out ways which she can spend more time with him!

Taylor Swift has a bit of a rep when it comes to relationships. She’s well known for just throwing herself into the deep end without a care in the world! And usually ends up getting hurt. :(

An insider reports that she’s so hung up on him, she’s planning the rest of their lives together!

“She’s obsessed with Harry…She’s already talking about marriage and babies”

Now, Harry is renowned for his ‘ladies man‘ image, and we know he’s a bit of a player, so would he really want this kinda commitment? We reckon it’d just scare him away!

Taylor has admitted that she falls in and out of love very quickly, but could she really be in so deep this soon?

Well, apparently they were rumoured to be dating earlier this year, but then split when Harry went to Australia and hooked up with a model! So, it seems that their love has been rekindled after a performance on The X Factor, where they were seen to be getting quite cosy backstage 😉

While Harry is in New York this week, Taylor is over in Australia, but rumour has it, if she has her way they’ll be reunited for Christmas.

The couple are reportedly planning a  Christmas Vacation together in order to make their relationship work. Awww :)

  • Caroline Rollwitz


  • jasmine

    Taylor IS NOT PRETTIER THEN CHER LLOYD!!!! Just Saying

  • jasmine

    Umm actually selena and justin are STILL the hottest couple around GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!! I think haylor wouldnt make a good couple im not saying it because of harry cause I LOVE HAZZA but im saying it cause of taylor HE DESERVES BETTER!!!!