Taylor’s Dad Warns Harry: Don’t Break My Daughters Heart!

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Harry Styles - Kiss You video

Watch out Harry, because you have a very scary man after you!

Apparently, Taylor Swift’s Dad, Scott, has warned Harry to slow down his relationship with his daughter, because he is worried Harry will break Taylor’s fragile heart.

Harry was allegedly told to “cool” off his relationship with the country star, after speculation about an impending marriage became a hot topic in recent days.

Taylor Swift - rockin new years

A source described Scott’s feelings:

“He likes Harry but he wants them to slow down and take things easy. It’s clear to everyone they are smitten with one another and already talking about marriage.”


“He doesn’t want them to split up as fast as they’ve got together and for Taylor to end up devastated.”

The pair are really into each other, with footage showing them kissing at midnight on New Years as well as pictures emerging from their holiday on the British Virgin Islands. They have been inseparable in recent weeks, seen holding hands, taking quick trips away together and reportedly Skype everyday when they are apart.

Harry apparently has already dropped the “L” word…so things are getting very serious Directioners.

Listen to Scott Harry, don’t go breaking her heart! Or should it be the other way round?

  • Darcy stylessss


  • stella(;

    Out of all the boyfriend’s this chick has had, the dad warns Harry? Laaate.

  • Zoe Staines


  • :)!!

    Harry, she’s too old for you and she isn’t right for you….

  • http://twitter.com/cheekymonkey16 cheekymonkey

    Most of you guys just read mind like literally and I’m just reading this while looking like this: -_-

  • swagmaster1d

    What is parenting these days? I just wanna give a shout out to taylors dad for giving the biggest crapload of the new year. Really? True they are moving too fast and need to shut it up about kids and marrige but you need to worry about YOUR OWN DAUGHTER. Because (believe it or not) harry has HIS OWN MOM
    No disrespect to anybody but i am NOT IMPRESSED with haylor, its just not funny anymore

  • Brittany Cope

    Marriage?? Uhh they haven’t even dated for a year. Seriously slow it down a bit.. It’s understandable that she wants to settle down but Harry is only 18?! Geez…

  • Hedayah Krakra

    She is so freakin ugly in that photo but she is really pretty. I cry when I saw the pic of them kissing

  • Nicole Styles

    It should be the other way round. Harry’s dad/mom tellin taylor to not break Harry’s heart! Damn, the girl is 23 and has gone over other breakups it wouldnt be the first and well, I’m not saying Harry hasnt gone over breakups but hes younger so I dont expect the number to be bigger than taylors and hes younger so ya. And yes they should take it slow theyre rushing.

  • Love1DMia

    Ummm shouldnt it be the other way around?!

  • http://twitter.com/NiallBlueEyes Yorkshire Tea

    More like Taylor don’t break Harry’s heart =.=

  • http://twitter.com/LaniTaylor1 Lani Taylor☺♡

    why? your “little (FAKE) angle” will brake are harrys heart

    • http://twitter.com/LaniTaylor1 Lani Taylor☺♡

      what the hell is taylor waering?

  • http://twitter.com/yanenei_L Janine Lim ♥

    Why dont we change it to another side huh?

  • Sarah

    I will not let Taylor break harrys heart! Im sure its gonna be her who break his heart if he dont break up with her first :(

  • NeeNee18

    This is soo rediculous I like them both but they have been dating for what like a month and theyre already saying “I Love You” who does that it just shows how weak and unrealistic this whole thing is and I doubt theyre even talking about marriage I think this whole thing is just gossip and I bet theyre just having fun being a couple and not all the above deep stuff.

  • LOL

    Im no hater but, honestly every time she gets her heart breaker, it will be her fault, how many songs does she have? A lot and its really hard to find one that isn’t about heartbreaks so…its HER fault, the thing she does is act like the victim.

  • http://www.fb.com/1dsfans Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    Awwww yeah!!
    this is a good father like mine!!!!
    I hope they stay together forever!!
    love u haylor! :*

  • 1D<3Poppy

    Talking aboute marridge!!!! OMG!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sindy.garcia.944 Sindy García

    I’m crying

  • http://www.facebook.com/sindy.garcia.944 Sindy García

    I’m crying


    But Taylors dad won’t do anything to Harry!He should be saying that to his own daughter!

  • Sam

    I’m pretty sure Taylor is the only one thinking about marriage.

  • Jonina M

    I can already predict Taylor’s next album, with the hit single “Wrong Direction”

  • smexymonkey

    they already broke up!

  • Meeeeepppp!

    did they not just broke up?

    • Dagny Styles

      they broke up?!? What? That is so unexpected but is so ment to happen

  • A_Dedicated_Directioner

    Lol…..Scott warning Harry no to break his daughter’s Heart….!!…I think even Anne Cox should be warning Taylor not to break our Hazza’s delicate Heart….!!..;-)

  • mackenzie

    hey don’t you think taylor swift is so lucky?

  • Ash

    Taylor does seem love but Harry… Meh. And also, Harry hasn’t dropped the L word. And also, When the fudge did they talk about marriage. I mean look at Harry, not only he is rational enough to know that Taylor’s relationships won’t last, he also doesn’t seem like the hey-I-just-met-you-so-let’s-marry kind.

  • Aylin Morelos

    omg no way their geetong married someone better crash tht wedding

  • http://twitter.com/Evelynstacey1D Evelyn Bourne

    is that what he said to all of Taylors boyfriends? well i see it worked very well