The 1D Boys go on a UK Radio Station Tour

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Key 103 Manchester

After having played their debut single last week on Radio 1, the One Direction boys have been on a non-stop tour of pretty much all the UK radio stations. This morning it was the turn of Manchester’s Key 103, and they didn’t disappoint as they gave an acoustic rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful” to the screaming adulation of hundreds of teenage fans who had queued outside to see them.

In scenes reminiscent of a more experienced boyband with hit after hit behind them, the fans were in even higher numbers as Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn moved eastward towards Liverpool. With onlooking girls going mad at the slightest sight of the boys, we think they are now only realising just how big a band they are going to be.

One Direction in Liverpool

A non-stop whistle-tour of the UK radio stations is just the start for One Direction, and with the debut single predicted to go straight in at No.1, they’ll definitely be visiting many more in the future.

Keep an attentive ear open for your local radio station as there’s a very good chance that 1D might be popping in.

We think they’ll need a few more security guards very soon!