The 1D Boys Play Some Footy

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Taking some time out from their busy schedule in the USA, the latest VEVO LIFT video diary shows our boys playing some night-time footy in Boston Common.

We’re quite impressed with their skills to be honest, for some reason we expected them to be rubbish! Louis seems to have some UNBELIEVABLE TEKKERS! And check out Liam’s header too.

If you want to see more 1D soccer skills, then watch Louis Tomlinson in the following vids, playing 5-a-side in Doncaster last year:

We reckon that all the current boybands should have a big footy tournament together. Obviously there’ll be One Direction, but we could have The Wanted, JLS, Big Time Rush as well as a load of others.

Wouldn’t that be swell!

PS. It’s footy, not soccer :)