The 1D Boys Say Their Movie Will Let Us See Their PRIVATES! Eek!

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Niall and Louis' private parts in the One Direction movie

Are you ready for the long-awaited 1D3D movie ‘This Is Us’?

It’s gonna be Directioner heaven, and we think there might be just a few tears shed when the film starts rolling.

Reckon there’ll be any screaming too? (“Shssssshhhh! Be quiet!”)

Anyhows, the lads were talking about their new movie to News Limited, and revealed a few sneaky little snippets about it, most interestingly that we’ll get to see their PRIVATE PARTS!

1D Movie poster for 'This Is Us'

The conversation went like this:


“It’s always going to be scary when you’re allowing someone to come in and film everything you’re doing because it’s …”


“Your private parts.”

Harry and Liam fishing


“And they are meant to be private.”


“Because they’re the parts that are supposed to be covered. But they’re not.”


“They’re just there for everyone to see. Like a slap in the face …”

There’s a great official website for the movie packed full of downloadable wallpapers, Twitter profile headers, Twitter backgrounds, Facebook covers and even a bunch of cool GIF’s.

Click here to visit the site. We also put together a bunch of our custom 1D movie posters here.

The movie is set to hit the big screens at the end of August, and is already set to become one of the summers biggest hits.

Has anyone seen any cinema trailers yet? We keep hoping one will popup when we’re watching Man of Steel this weekend 😉

  • Areli Acevedo

    I cant wait for the movie to come out on theaters it’s going to be awesome!!! Can’t wait!!

  • Sristy Aggarwal

    Uhh….it’s not releasing where I live!…:(

    • Roshni :)

      OMG! I’m so sorry :( I’m pretty sure you could see this movie on the Internet. I hope you see it…. Somehow? Are you in India?

      • Sristy Aggarwal

        Yup I am…I know I can see the movie online but firstly, it’s gonna take a lot of time for the movie to come online and secondly it won’t be that good…

        • Roshni :)

          I am Indian too. I live in the US. I hope you get to watch it somehow..

  • CupcakeHarold

    Think about our moms and what they would think. This is not a good idea; I hope it’s a rumor!

    • emma

      lol. my mum are not allowed to come with me to se the movie.

    • Sydney O.

      My mom would probably make me leave the theater

    • Genesis Horan

      Omg yes my mom would be like okay this is getting too inapropriate I think we should leave I wish I could see it by myself hope it’s not true :/

    • Nialler4ever

      My mom would be watching right along with me..
      She loves 1D.. it’s wierd but completely amazing at the same time

    • Fiona Irish

      I’ll just have my mom drop me and my friends off… cuz if that is true…. SHE WOULD FLIP!!!

    • Annabeth Chase 37

      If you read the convo that Lou and them all had, they weren’t nessicarily talking about those parts, they were talking abt, kinda just there own personal life, not the other stuff your mum wouldn’t let you see. I understood what they were saying they were saying that, it was weird and awkward when they filmed it because it’s their life.
      So people don’t get the wrong idea

      • CupcakeHarold

        Yeah, I realized that a few days ago. :)

        • Annabeth Chase 37

          Lol just making sure. 😀

  • Sammy Marsh

    If I see a trailer at the theater, I think I might fangirl so hard that whoever I’m with will probably walk away

  • Hailey Wood

    I really wish they wouldn’t do that thats disgusting.

    • valentina

      you must be 9 or something…

      • ♥♬ One Direction ♬♥

        Hey maybe she’s a clean teen. Most virgins dont like such stuff : /

        • Riel Whittle

          Exactly! I agree with her I do not wanna see… That stuff….

    • iloveliam


  • Ania Lynn Prather

    Lawdd…..! They gonna be naked probley…! some body call 9-1-1 a directioner is having a heart attack

  • miss simpsmistystark

    its not coming to my local theater….):

    • ♥♬ One Direction ♬♥

      Same here I live in Pakistan and its not gonna be released here so I guess we’ll just have to wait till it comes on dvd ='(

      • miss simpsmistystark

        i live in new mexico

  • Stini2526

    im sorry but i hope i do not see there privates but still want to see it aahh

    • Kanaanmoon

      Of course it’s not gonna show there privates …..pervs

    • iloveliam

      i dont wanna see it im like 9 years old

  • Megan<3

    Me: mommy get out I wanna see this movie all by my self I’m a big girl
    Mom: why?
    Me: because *whispers

    There’s privet stuff ok
    (I hope they’ll buy it) lol

    • Sarah Payne

      Same me and my friends are going and i dont want here to see it with me now

  • Allysa Rae

    Ooooooo 1D’s private in 3D?

    • iloveliam

      i dont wanna see that stuff

    • Malory

      They mean private moments, why do people take things so negitave?

  • ♥♬ One Direction ♬♥

    Dayemmmm!!!!! I really dont want that cuz im gonna buy it on dvd and if my parents or my siblings see it my internet and 1D will be banned for like forever =”'((((((

  • Emma Aldasoro

    This is what is going to happen when we are in the cinema’s and we don’t want our mom and that to come.

    Me and my sis:MOM!DAD!LEAVE US ALONE!
    Me:Because we are big girls and there’s some innapropiate things.
    Dad:You ain’t gonna watch that!
    Me:*Kicks dad in the balls*
    Dad.Fine,you can go,

    Ps don’t do that pleaseeee!My dad will dissaprove about 1D

    • iloveliam

      lol the kick in the balls

  • Maggie LaBerta

    Everyone’s like, I hope they don’t.That’s disgusting. What will my my mom think? First of all, why the hell are you bringin your mom? You all must be little 9 year-old carrots. No offense, but hey I think it would be great.

  • Directioner ∞

    those parts slap you in the face ?
    eh . c;

    • Genesis Horan

      Omg XD

  • Kracyn McKee

    Um… I’m not sure that’s what they meant

  • 0BEY T0 1D

    I hope they don’t scream in the movie theaters. I’ll be so mad and tell them to shut up. But I know I’ll be cryin the whole time while watching it. Even when the title comes up.

    • Abigail

      if the people that the theaters was screaming I would throw popcorn at them ( I’m going to throw popcorn at them anyway cause there will be a lot of screaming!) :)

  • Banessa Perez

    I really don’t want to see their private parts that’s why their private duhh!!

  • Miia

    I just have one thing to say to those who are going to see it: People, _DO NOT_ scream.

  • SingerChick

    I think it meant the private parts of their lives that are usually covered but now will be revealed.

    • Sarah Payne

      Yeah i guess that makes sense

    • Roshni :)

      At first I thought they meant their private instagram/twitter. But then again, why would they do that?

    • Sydney O.

      I sure hope so!

    • Annabeth Chase 37

      that’s what I think too, they aren’t going to show their “parts” like that, that would just not be right.

  • Shelly N.

    I really don’t think that’s what they mean. Think about it, they also have a lot of young fans, like 8 and 9 year-olds that will be watching the movie and the management’s in the way and I don’t think they’re dumb enough to do that with millions of viewers watching. Just think about that for a second.

  • 1D lover

    Umm……. I kinda don’t want to c their privates well because one thing is they always put a high rating like R on it if it has nudity and then some of the parents won’t let their kids watch it if it’s R rated, and we’ll their called privates for a reason there ment to be private for yourself and the lucky few and not for the whole world to c,harry i know you like it but why do you have to be naked all the time.

  • IrishCharm

    God, they don’t mean it like that. Don’t get too excited.

  • ♥Mrs. Emma Tommo♥


  • Abigail

    My mom is coming with me and my friend to go see it. What would my mom think! I don’t want to see there privates that’s why there PRIVATE!!! I hope its a rumore!

  • Nia malik

    I love how their practically finishing each others sentences!

  • #1liamlover

    Ok I like freaked out qhen I heard about showing there privates , and I was like omg what :O

  • Lynnie Lucas

    There isn’t one at Man Of Steel-I’m hoping to see one at Monsters University!!!!!!!

    • Riel Whittle

      Huh? Isn’t one…? Though thank u! First person whose mentioned the end comment. I loved Man of steel!!!! I saw it last Friday I’m IMAX 3D and it was awesome!! Ahhhhhhhhh! *fan girl screaming* (almost like when I scream for 1D 😉 I can’t wait to see monsters university as well! I’m probably going to see it next week. As u can see I love movies

  • Directioner301

    Ahhhhh!!! I can’t wait to see it!!!!

    • Abigail

      Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I DONT want to see there privates! It would be rated R if it showed there privates.

  • Selena Ward

    My mom wouldn’t care lol and this is finally our chance what

  • cecilia

    Why should everyones mom come whit you on the theaters ? I dont think they wanna see the movie?

  • Maddison Strubhar

    hahaha make it PG-13….haha only our documentary would be

  • victoria e

    AHH. cant wait till the movie I”ll be like to the movie guy: 2 directioners coming and 1 side of popcorn oh and harry styles

  • Vanessa

    i cant wait for the movie!! i have a countdown running lol but i hope there wont be screaming in the theater

    • Abigail

      If there was screaming I am going to throw popcorn at them and tell them to shut up!;) lln!:)

  • Kanaanmoon

    Can’t wait for the movie so excited

  • Shivani

    Um…rumor then this wouldn’t be rated PG or G lol.

  • Eliana HarryMou

    can’t wait

  • JSRRamsaran

    yay i cant wait
    my frens and i reckon it will reach my couuntry by the first week in september

  • stylesisperfection

    Guys, use your brains. The movie is rated G.

  • Riiaa Horan

    asdfghjkl; o my godddd now really can’t wait to watch ittrtttt

  • Nidhi

    There are people bothered about what their moms will say when they see such stuff. I’m bothered because the movie ISN’T FREAKING RELEASING IN MY COUNTRY OH GOD WHYYYY

  • Alyssa Horan

    I want to see this movie so bad but if they do ill never be able to see it! I pray this is a rumor or that the boys meant something else.

  • Michelle Styles

    omg I cant wait for the movie

  • Jazmine

    I’m hoping that my grandma is taken my cousin and I if she is she won’t care

  • вяιαηηα

    i swear now that ik there showing there privates in the movie . im litteraly dead. no longer will i breathe just omfsfssifdi and we finally get to see below Harry’s v-line? dayummmmm *-* its too much..