The Best UNSEEN Harry Styles’ Photos!

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Here’s another article that we’re republishing from earlier in the year – more Harry photos! Enjoy…

Wanna see a load of Harry Styles photos before he was famous?

Check out the following set of pics… AWESOME!

Doesn’t Hazaa look cute when he was younger (yeh he’s a right ugly duckling now isn’t he!)

Which is your favourite photo of Harry?

  • aya

    he cant get any cuter i just wanna meet them lol im sure they will like me cause im a very care-free person who just like to chill and im also very talkative and fun!!! lol

  • aya


  • VannandVann

    Damn’ he can be crazy ! 😀

  • Andreea

    Wet Harry..We Love Wet Harry..we love Harry and 1D<3<3<3

  • Emma M.

    And I thought Harry couldn’t get any cuter!!!!

  • Cheyenne

    Gorgeous… Just pure perfection…

  • karina lizbeth

    all is super cute in a cretiquen it was ugly or beautiful if that child has his feelings very beautiful and very loving xoxo DX

  • Alyianna Baggins

    I almost screamed when I saw the pic of Harry in front of the LOTR poster!!! :O

    Can anybody tell me if Hazza likes LOTR?!?! Not that I’d like him any less if he doesn’t… 😛

  • Paula Uhrynska

    haha… love him !!!! <33333

  • Brydie styles.

    I’m so in love with Hazza! xx
    seriously, too amazayn for words!!! xxxx

    • Bethsharratt

      omg hes so hot and cute aint he , he is the sexy beast in the band teh sexiest 1 we love him xxxxxxxxxxx love u harry cant wait to see u next year xxxx :)