The Day After The Big Split: Liam And Danielle Are No More

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Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer are no more

A rep speaking on behalf of One Direction yesterday confirmed the rumours about Danielle Peazer and Liam Payne being no more.

Which means it’s officially true that Payzer have split up.

  • Payzer are finito.
  • Payzer are yesterdays news.
  • Payzer are OVER.

And we actually feel a little bit sad about the news, because they were such a lovely couple.

Still, we were half prepared for an eventual parting of ways since the pair split for a bit last year, and you know what they say don’t you?

You should never go back.

Liam and Danielle Peazer

A gruelling work schedule from One Direction and also Danielle herself have put paid to any long-term romance, and Liam Payne is now officially SINGLE AGAIN.

A spokesperson for One Direction said: “Liam and Danielle have split. It is all very amicable and the pair remain friends.”

Payzer met whilst Liam was taking part in the 2010 series of UK X Factor, and earlier this year they showed their new puppy Loki off to the world.

Aww poor Loki will be so upset.

Catch a video of Liam, Louis and Zayn shopping in Amsterdam over the weekend:

Wonder if Liam was buying Danielle a goodbye present?


  • Stefanie Brewer

    ya and ther are pages that say daniel has confermed it but otheres say she denied it same with liam grow up and wait for liam to say teh are over

  • Bhadangel Meggy Stitch

    What bout LOKI now? Hu look after him? Ohhh dis was really so bad (:

    • Cassi Horan

      i would think that Danielle would take him, i mean, One direction are barely at home and imagine Paul with now, 5 childish boys and a puppy probably not even potty trained

  • Jo-Ann Santiago

    awww :( so sad…They are such a beautiful couple :((

    • ❤Tootsieroll1D ❤

      I know! And it makes me mad that this site is saying ‘they actually feel a little sad’ because we should all feel some sympathy, because I’m sure Liam is mourning:(

    • Craig Feist

      I know right. so sad I wonder who Liam’s next gf is gonna be

      • Zayns wifeyy Nia

        Wb Leona Lewis? I doubt it

        • #1liamlover

          Leona Lewis is o.k not better then Danielle but still o.k

      • Nevada

        hmmm, probably me… 😛

        • Ruby Rodriguez

          Or maybe no one for a while

      • Caitlin Payne♡

        Hmm, thats gonna be me! Thats sad, I felt like crying. :'( At least they are friends..

      • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

        Umm…his new GF is meeeeeee!!!!!

  • Paula Lareza

    Loki is really getting stress out!

    • Riel Whittle

      I know! Loki must be like “huh what’s happening???”

      • 5sos+1d=myboys

        i know he’ll be like, wheres mommy?!what the heck! where’d she go!

        • Ariana♥

          Loki is a dog… just saying…

          • Cassi Horan

            she wasn’t being serious……..

          • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

            HOW DARE U!

          • directioner 4 ever

            HE IS LIKE A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY!!!!!!!!! He is like a real person

        • Riel Whittle

          Awe that makes me cry thinking about it

      • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

        NOOOO…he’ll b like Vas Happenin’

        • directioner 4 ever

          That’s what I said haha

      • directioner 4 ever

        Do you mean, “vas happenin”

  • Colleen

    Well this is depressing!

  • daniele velasquez

    She had my name!!!! It was almoat like dating Liam :’C

  • Perrie Is Perfect ♫♪

    why?? they’re one of the best couple ever

  • Just Me

    I asked Lottie Tomlinson in ask fm and apparently Louis told her that they are still together???

  • Stini2526

    so sad

  • SamanthaWollacott

    Nawwwwrrrr.. Shame.. But hey, “God saves the best for the best” Lots of love Liiii 😀

  • Jhanna Ruth Baltazar

    Liam should move on you know…and so as Danielle
    3 words that I am going to say:
    Forgive and forget

  • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

    YAAYAYYYYAYYA!! they’re broke up!!!!! OMGGG!!!!!! that’s awsooooome!!! :p 😀 x

    • Valentina

      what kind of Directioner are ya?

      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        That’s not in your business so don’t talk and that’s my mind not yours so shut up! x

    • Angie malik

      Wtf?? What kind of directioner says tht im so sad they broke up they were perfect!! :'(

      • Mrs.Ghazal Malik

        ME! maybe you’ll say I’m not a real directioner!but that’s my mind not yours! so shut up! x

      • Valentina


  • Rose

    Omg this sucks I mean I adore Liam and He is my fave but I wish for the best for Him ;/

  • Tanisha Battles

    What’s gonna happen to Loki…????

  • sammi lemone

    I just hope Liam is ok… Such a sweet guy. But this is hi private life so I think we should give him his privacy. It’s hard enough without having a million questions thrown at him. #ilyliam

  • katelyn zyblewski


  • Mierasaje

    Hope for the best. #thanksforthememoriespayzer we love you .

  • SingerChick

    This is really sad!

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    theyve been together since like, the x factor! they had such a cute story of how they met! now all i want to know is who broke up with who! if i were danielle i would definiteley NEVER call it quits with liam! but im not them so i dont know

  • Usidoansosnzlz

    Thank you Danielle, for loving Liam and for making him happy. I won’t forget you :) xxx

  • Angela Horan

    i cant believe Payzers over

  • Directioner♡1D

    I am soooo sad ): Poor Loki…I’ll miss Payzer…They were good couple((((

  • maria

    I’m not excited about this and i’m sure every directioner is not … i’ll wait for liam to confirm it so i don’t feel really bad about itand turns out that it’s not true …. POOR LOOKI it’s parents are saperating ! :'(

  • Bad Girl from Italy

    I hope Liam doesn’t feel bad for this..

  • Ivana

    Loki je samo obicno kuce -.- bas ce on da se uznemiri…

  • Kassandra Salina

    Dam! I loved them together


    awww :(((( im cryingg! i wasn’t ready for this. if Payzer broke up, the perfect couple on the planet, then i dont believe in love anymore :”(


    and what are they gonna with loki nowww? :(((

  • icametocelebrate

    OMFG I didn’t minf when haylor broke up but this is major

  • icametocelebrate

    I thought they would be the first ones to get married..but it doesn’t look like it anymore:(((

  • Mette

    Omg, no! Stay together!!!!!! You were meant to be !

  • Zayns wifeyy Nia

    Omg I really shipped payzer! ): Id much rather it was zeroed to be honest…

    • Zayns wifeyy Nia

      * I meant zerrie

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

    OMG!! They Are My Favoritee Couple!! Just To See Them Split Up… Breaks Meh Heart </3 :'(

  • Usidoansosnzlz


  • ddlf

    loki you have to be strong for this news you’r perence ………. split .
    sorry for that

  • Lynnelle Callo

    Poor Loki. :(

  • Mati•Ana•Bi•Bia•Inês

    Look if you go to dani’s account on twitter (the @peziofficial one) you’ll see that yesterday she tweeted a link to her askfm where she wrote that she and liam were just pretending it was true!!!!! But it isn’t!!! I repeat PAYZER IS NOT OVER OK???

  • sara

    But why did they broke up?

  • Nana Styles

    This isn’t happening !! They really were gd together !!! No no no no !!
    I think I’m still in ” denial “!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sofea Amizi

    It’s gonna be pretty awkward watching Aaood2.. O_O

  • Angie malik

    Awwww I liked them as a couple :'(

  • Swedish_Mrs.Styles

    Where have they confirmed it!!!?

  • Valentina


  • Amanda Acosta

    Theres so many rumord of them being together and being over, so Im just going to continue waiting it out until Liam or Dani say something. If they are broken up then Im going to flip a table xx

    • Lissy May

      Danielle said its over

  • harrygirl1Dadele

    I just want them to stay friends,they’re both such lovely people and i wish them all the best.Liam should just stay strong,he has his Boys and us and Danielle thanks for making our Liam so happy and supporting him in their beginning,thanks for loving Directioners :) Thank you both for amazing memories,smiles,laughs…we love you both <3

  • cupcake

    so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still cant believe it they were such a good couple :(

  • cupcake

    ahhhh liam dont worry everything will be ok

    • Valentina

      Poor baby Liam,he loved her so much and now this..just too hard.:( </3

  • Ava Stypayhorlikson

    #ThanksForTheMemoriesDanielle :…(

  • Ailynnn

    I knew it. I was shocked when I read an article about their split. After 2days they confirmed it. So sad but maybe this is for the best.

  • Alice


  • Nikki Horan

    I’m gonna cry. ;(

  • Indi Tomlinson

    He made his decision. It’s his. He is right

  • disqus_uLWQva9TKL


  • Directioner

    Hey were so cute together, :( I’m gana miss Payzer!!!

    • Directioner


  • Diana

    I just wish them both my best wishes & to still remain friends, you will be missed PAYZER<3

  • FutureMrs.Styles

    Payzer was my fave couple………welll now i guess its Zerrie

  • SexyCurlyHairedOneD

    No! I imagined that they would get married one day…I was wrong, they were an adorable couple, I DIDN’T WANT IT TO END!!! At least they’re still friends:) who’s gonna be Liam’s next gf?

  • #1liamlover

    Loki must be like , nooo momy come back :(

  • #1liamlover

    Liam looked so depressed in the video

  • Sarah Payne

    Aww i wish they were still dating the were very cute together

  • laurablank

    omg i cant believe this they where so cute together as long as el and louis and zayn and perrie dont break up i think where good

  • Audrey Bencomo

    bout Loki and Brit Payne? there where such a good couple #PayzerForever Has liam confirmed it?

  • Mrs. Horan

    omg tht is the wordt thing every, even though i want liam to be mine i still think he should be with her because they r a perfect couple

  • Cassi Horan

    Ok, lets just say, Peazer will never die, or end, Peazer was and still is a big part of both their lives/heart. And no person who calls themselves a directioner, should give hate to danielle or a Peazer account on twitter or what ever, that shows how immature you are. And im pretty sure that Liam or any of the boys wouldnt like seeing hate all over twitter to their ex-girlfriends. Probably not even Harry and Taylor. do danielle, Liam, and Directioners a favor, and dont hate on any of us, it hurts our feelings. #respect

  • ashliebrianna

    I never saw this coming. They were the cutest couple. Payzer :/

    • directioner 4 ever

      Ur picture is SO trues!!!!!

  • Mrs. Horan


  • i_AM_miss_tomlinson

    I feel so bad for them. They were the loveliest couple. Kf Louis split up with Eleanor, or if Zerrie was no more, I would be DEVASTATED. They’re all such adorable couples!! They BELONG together. All the couples (including payzer) are (were) as meant to be together as patties and buns, peanut butter and do jam, Mario and luigi, ketchup and mustard. It’s sad they broke up.

  • Maddie Loves 1D❤

    It makes me mad that people say”YAY PAYZER IS NO MORE” that’s not right. If you really love Liam you should be happy with what makes him happy. And dani obviously did. You saying that doesn’t make it ok. They were so good together! Long live payzer! Payzer will never die!! Ever!

  • Katie

    They Were Such A Cute Couple, But Obviously They Did What They Thought Was The Best.

  • ღvєgɑs вʟoɴɗɪєღ

    Aw, but if they didnt work the first time, it wont the second. And I just tweeted: woah what happened to loki?

  • Kaylon Willoughby

    Who’s gonna keep Loki?

  • Dark Hervi

    oh no, not Pyzer I love Pyzer! X( ” Why?! “

  • jenna

    i thought they were cute together

  • Karen styles

    Me am his new mummy!

  • allie

    I love how everyone cares more about what’s gonna happen to Loki lol.

  • rebeka gutshall

    so hess free but they were so cute

  • Cassi Horan

    ok, Payzer will NEVER end or die, it is still in both their hearts, and if we call ourselves directioners we need to be there for both of them. and if you give hate to Danielle, that shows your not a directioner and your immature. None of the boys would want hate towards their ex-girlfriends, im pretty sure Harry wouldn’t even want any hate to Taylor. so, do Liam, Danielle and directioners a favor and don’t give hate to any of us, it hurts all of our feelings and your stereotyping if you call someone something because we are all different people, we just all love the same band.

  • Ya$hika

    AWW, poor loki, is he gonna be with Liam or Danielle?

  • sarah

    Too bad because I shipped Payzer no matter what <3 I still love Danielle though


    Awww I feel so bad 4 poor Loki his parents r divorced and now he may have 2 choose between them! (I’d pick u LiLi!

  • ♥hoping for 1D♥

    this is so sad #goodbyepayzer

  • Silvia Bardales

    The only thing I’m worried about with this is where Loki’s going…. On instagram I saw him with Danielle so that’s who I’m assuming got Loki….

  • cupcake

    trust me peeps liam is not going to start dating in a while. he wouldnt just break up with dani for no reason. he broke up with her because they didnt want a long distance relationship and if anything if liam were to start dating again it would prob be dani again

  • #onedirection

    Im almost gonna cry

  • 1DfanHazza

    oh nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were such a sweet couple!!!! how could they split???

  • Aylin Morelos

    What would happend to loki it’ll be like a divorce thing or custody type of way

  • Mary Ruth Genesis Rioflorido

    Aww, I’ll miss them being a sweet couple.. :(

  • Annabeth Chase 37

    Aww poor Loki! But look on the bright side gives you a higher chance of you dating him. 😉

  • Rosy


  • directioner 4 ever

    I am so sad now that they split up they were a PER-FECT together ( and awwwwwwwww poor loki )

  • ✌✯lux✯✌

    ;~; </3 I MISS #PAYZER SO MUCH…

  • ♡directioner♡

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO omg…i ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Payzer. This is terrible….:'( #MissingPayzerAlready