The Lads Talk About New Album ‘Take Me Home’ + ‘Little Things’

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Not long to now till ‘Take Me Home’ gets released, in fact there’s only 21 days to go!

Hasn’t that come round quick!

Speaking with Australia’s Sunday Night show, Liam Payne said:

“I think the songs on this album are a bit more meaningful than the last album and I think that’s the main difference really. It’s a bit more live, and we wrote a lot of them as well, so that was good news.”

Irish dude Nialler said:

“We wanted the music to grow with us as we’re growing up. But there’s nothing really drastic, because it’s only been a year since we made the last album.”

The first single from the new bunch, ‘Live While We’re Young’ has been a smash-hit world-wide, and even more is expected from the their next – the Ed Sheeran penned track ‘Little Things’.

Nialler also tweeted the following about the new song recently: “i literally cannot wait for u guys to hear it..we’re soo excited”

Ginger Ed himself spoke about ‘Little Things’ with MTV, saying:

“The song that I think will be the single, one of the singles, is kind of a very sweet song,” he said. It was written about the best things about someone, kind of like the things you wouldn’t expect. You’ll have to hear it. I can’t really say too much ’cause it’s their album. I want them to be the first ones to announce it and stuff.”

We’re expecting a slower song, with much more emotion – possibly similar to ‘Moments’, another song Ed wrote for 1D.

Ed added:

“Seventeen-year-old Ed just wrote a lot of love songs, so expect to hear a lot of love songs on their album, I guess, I had a wicked girlfriend at 17. … She was great. Actually [my] + album is pretty much about her. So she spawned off a lot of songs.”

We CAN’T WAIT to hear it!