The New One Direction Album: More Gossip

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What we really want to know is what the album will be called, we’ve got a couple of suggestions below:

  • “Four Nipple Nakedness”
  • “We Eat The Wanted For Breakfast”

or what about…

  • “Bieber Cleans Our Shoes”

…Oh how we giggle :)

Anyway, Niall Horan has revealed a few more secrets about their forthcoming new album, and talking on ‘In Demand With Alex James’ about which song they want to release first, he said:

“We haven’t actually picked one [song] yet.”

Louis added:

“We’re going to be picking it very soon, very soon. There’s two or three…there are about three songs that are all good contenders.”

Pressed on whether the highly-rumoured colab with Justin Bieber would surfaced, Louis said:

“There’s actually been no talks between either of us. I think it’s a story the press has stirred up. We’d like to have a collaboration on the album, but who knows?”

We’ll take the “who knows” bit as confirmation then… :)

Justin Bieber and One Direction just has to happen. Record bosses, make it so!