The Tribute to Danielle Peazer

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So, you all know that Liam and Danielle have officially split up. And as happy as we are that Liam is not single, we’re really quite gutted, we liked Danielle.


So, we thought we’d do our very own tribute to the gorgeous girl that made our Liam happy for so long.

We thought they were going strong, after their brief split last year, but it just goes to show that you really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors!

But, it’s all good, we don’t think our Liam’s too heartbroken, as a rep for him has revealed that they remain friends.

But hey, if you need a shoulder to cry on Liam, we’re always here!

Doesn’t look like Danielle’s been doing much crying though, as she posted a hot pic of herself showing off her bikini body in Dubai just a day after the split.


Not sure why Liam would want to let go of someone as beautiful as her, but he obviously has his reasons!

Dancer Danielle is due to appear in One Direction’s upcoming 3D movie ‘This Is Us’.

And despite the split, it has been confirmed that Liam still wants Danielle to feature in the movie.

I suppose that was expected though, considering it was a mutual split, so there’s no hard feelings between the pair.

Perhaps the most upsetting part of the split is what’s going to happen to poor little Loki?

Will Liam and Danielle’s dog go to mummy or daddy?!


Danielle and Liam enjoyed a fun, yet alcoholic-free relationship.

It was well known that Liam stayed away from alcohol, and Danielle didn’t enjoy alcoholic drinks.

However, they admitted that they could still go on nights out together, without drinking and still have a good time.

It just looked like one of the most perfect relationships to us.

And it seemed as if Danielle was one of the luckiest girls in the world.


She didn’t have it easy though, she felt the wrath of the Directioners a fair few times.

She’d been called a ‘bitch’ and sent abusive messages from jealous fans.

And just recently, she was involved in a highly publicised Twitter war with Directioners.

In which Danielle and Harry Styles’ mum called directioners ‘weird’.

As you can imagine, that didn’t go down too well in One Direction world.


But, whether or not she was liked by Directioners, there’s no denying that she was who made Liam Payne so happy.

And we’re sad to see them split up, we thought they were good together!

However, that does mean that Liam is back on the market 😉

Obviously, Liam won’t be looking for someone else just yet, but when he does who do you think it will be?


  • Lolo Awad

    I just can’t imagine liam with someone else , but I hope this is the right choice , and I hope every one of them finds happiness <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Kelly Fabulouis

    Hmmmm not sure…..

  • Alice

    Hope they back ‘-‘ I like Dani :) And with Liam… OMG Payzer it’s perfect *-*

    • Megan

      THATS WHAT I SAID!!!!! Payzer is beautiful and they need to get married and make babies… <3333

      • Alice

        I think the same! Really love Liam and Dani together!!!!!!!! Payzer it’s my favorite romance of the guys. It’s perfect! I always tought they would marry ‘-‘ #sad

        • directionnerrrr

          oooo thanks god some serious directioners..!!! ooo babies litle little liams..!! <3333333

          • Alice

            hahahaha yeaaah! I really prefer Liam with Danielle! Now he goes back to the nightclubs’s life…

          • directionnerrrr

            please don’t do that..!!! thanks god he actually dont drink…!!! yeaaaaaaa..!! 😀

          • Alice

            Hallelujah God hahahaha What is your twitter? I like talk with you (:

          • directionnerrrr

            my twitter is my name here..!! :))))

      • 5sos+1d=myboys

        not to sound creepy but what beautiful babies they would make

      • 5sos+1d=myboys

        i love your profile pic!5sos for life! my fave is calum!

      • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

        No me and Liam r gonna b together FOREVER!!!!! JK!

  • Franz

    I’ll be honest… I’m happy they’ve split I won’t pretend to be the “sympathetic fan”. I’d rather say what I feel than be carried away in peer pressure-motivated pretense.

    • SAS_Payne

      exactly!! there is a fair share of Directioners that didn’t like Payzer and let alone Danielle…. and it’s not ONLY because she was dating Liam!! there are MANY other reasons!!

    • Franz

      But yeah I don’t care about Danielle. I’m happy because maybe if it’s what makes them happy then I respect it

  • maria

    I’m really happy that they’ll stay friends . Even tho liam doesn’t seem so sad too , i saw photos of him with fans in Norway yesterday , i’m still not sure about the breakup … Hmmm.

  • SAS_Payne

    I think Loki will be at the Paynes’ in Wolverhampton… cause that’s where he usually is :)

  • liesotto24

    I can’t believe they split up and I don’t know what their reasons are. But they will have them and I think if this is what they both want (’cause they will stay friends), I think they made the right choice. I can’t imagine Liam with someone else, cause when I joined this fandom, they were already happy together. But I will respect their choice and give them their time. I hope they will be back once upon a time, but we will see…

  • Elizabeth Nicole Schwartz-Toml

    Liam is not single… lol, typo! x

  • Chassity LaRaye Varnold-Styles

    i Wish The Both Of Them The Best Of Luck!! It’s Hard Not Seeing Them ToGether AnyMore!

  • directioner<3

    I hope it will be someone like Dani and I hop it won’t be someone in Taylor Swift style !!!

    • Tildisen<333

      No! Not like Taylor!!!

    • Megan

      No one will ever be like Taylor. She’s a whore.

      • 1DGURL-ZLLHN

        Gosh some of us kinda like Taylor u don’t have to use offensive language… seriously that’s a littlest bit harsh…



    • Guest

      why not she made harry happy so you want liam to be with someone who doesn’t make him happy? how selfish

      • directioner<3

        but Danielle make Liam happy. Don’t you see?

  • Zayns wifeyy Nia

    Aww it still hasn’t sunk in I really loves payzer . R.i.p ): x

  • harrymarryme

    well……i don’t know who its gonna be. but im ok with him get a new long as its not taylor swift (;

  • icametocelebrate

    “And as happy as we are that Liam is _not_ single…” anyone else nnoticed?

    • Tildisen<333

      Yes… They maybe have write wrong..?

    • daniella berrios

      yupp i did..i read it over like 5 times to make sure i wasn’t seeing things.

  • lea rodriguez

    Um no offense shes not that pretty. You should see her without makeup. But shes nice i guess and she made my babe liam happy for a while and i thank her for that. Loki needs to go with his daddy waddy lol please

  • Tiffany Roberts

    Some directioners take things way too far. They should be sad that Liam and Danielle broke up, not happy, that’s just mean.

    • directionnerrrr

      exactly ..!!! they think they have a chance to have sth with him…!! COME ON just in your dreams..!!! i was really shocked when i heard it because Danielle is PERFECT..!! and you can see it from how happy liam was..!!girls don’t make big dreams

  • Megan

    Casually crying in my 6th period because Payzer was PERFECT! I hope they can eventually realize how much they are perf together and get back together….I’m hoping…I cant handle this..They are absolutely perfect together and they need to get married and make babies… <3 #RipPayzer

  • Mrs. Horan

    That’s is so sad but he probably didn’t want to just sit there and never get to see her i mean now they don’t have to worry about making time for her now he can be free.

  • Ya$hika

    NOOOOOOOOOO!! I shipped them so much but now….I am really sad for them

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    omg this made me really sad! they had such a cute story too!

  • 5sos+1d=myboys

    i hope they are sure this is the right decision and they both still keep in touch just in case;)

  • daniella berrios

    They were really cute except, i could tell they were’t mean’t to be cause they were always on and off..but this is really sad :(

  • Jolouis H. Seclinson

    ha :0

  • Ailynnn

    That’s very sad to hear but I know they’ll both get through this.. She’s the right girl in the wrong place. If they both have the normal life, I mean if they are just ordinary people I think they will last forever. But unfortunately, Liam is part of one direction and hes one of the most popular guy in music industry and Danielle is a busy person too like Liam so that’s why their relationship didn’t work out.

  • Sarah Payne

    Wheres loki goin to go

  • Silvia Bardales

    I personally love Liam and Danielle! Payzer was my favorite! I always wanted to be as beautiful and talented as her! But if they are both happy going their sepreate ways then I believe that we should give them the respect to let them be and “grieve” if they are grieving in their own way… My main concern though is who gets to keep Loki… That dogs safety is my main concern and top priority right now…

  • sarah

    last time they split, they got back together. I’m thinking that just might happen again….


    His new GF is gonna b ME! :3

  • Ü Kristine Villa Ü

    When did they say they split up again? Please reply.

  • ZarMaz

    Awwww Liam and Danielle we perfect for each other!

  • Cerise

    I’m so sad that payzer broke up that was my otp!

  • #onedirection

    Ok, i officially cried…

  • Aylin Morelos

    ahhh sad