The Wanted Admit They Could Collaborate With One Direction!

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The Wanted in the USA

They’re pretty much the two biggest boybands on Earth, and the lads from The Wanted have been opening their mouths again about One Direction, but hold on – it’s not bad this time!

Talking with Hollyscoop, Nathan Sykes said:

“I think the collaboration between the two bands could generate a lot of cash maybe and we would actually be willing to do it for charity.”

Did you read that Directioners? It doesn’t seem long ago that Max George was slagging off 1D, but now they’ve come full circle.

Nathan added:

“I think it’s very expected from the media always trying to put two bands together and trying to start a rivalry. We have no issue with them whatsoever.”

Any collaboration between the bands would probably break like EVERY RECORD, EVER, and might even create a new mash-up team of Directioners and The Wanted Family.

What would that be called? The Directioner Family? :)

Jay McGuiness from The Wanted also spoke about Justin Bieber, saying:

“I think I would have to rap battle with him and then we’ll see how good he’s doing… who knows.”

Justin’s a confirmed chum of 1D, so perhaps he could join too?

‘The Wanted Direction, ft Bieber?’

Wanna see something pretty special? Watch the following ‘Glad You Came’ / ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ mash-up. SMOOTH!

  • briana

    YESSSSSS!!! my two favorite boybands I think a collaboration between would be amazayn! It would be awsome! <3

  • 1DLoverVasHappenin

    Um…This Is Kinda Hard Cuz ILOVE 1D and idk…. xD

  • Naomi (:

    As much as i love them both and they’re very very talented and amazing. I think One Direction should stick as One Direction and The Wanted as The Wanted . Maybe doing a few songs together but not becoming a band “Band” like with 10 people. Well that’s what i think

  • Absdjs

    That would be Soooooooooo awesome! Best collaboration ever!!!! I am soo in love with both bands that I would die if they made a few songs together!!:) I really hope they do it!!!!!!<3

  • Kate Anne Billeaud

    Absolutely I would listen to there song everyday I love both bands and would die if they came out with something AmaZayn idea if you know what i mean 

  • Why do you carez!!

    Ewwww the wanted..they sing good and i like their songs BUT them they aren’t even attractive ,,,, No im sticking with one direction

  • Harry’s wife

    EWWW NO. THE WANTED ARE NOT attractive at all and i dont rlly like their song tht much…… im STICKING with ONE DIRECTION!

  • Just a Fan

    I think a collab between The Wanted and One Direction would be brilliant :)
    And to Why do you carez!! it doesn’t matter how attractive an artist is. Talent is talent and The Wanted are VERY talented (as are 1D) and I hold an immense amount of respect for TW because they had to climb their way to the top without the help of a show like X-Factor.