The Wanted Hit Back At Zayn’s ‘Chlamydia’ Comments

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Zayn and Max had a very public Twitter feud this past week, resulting in a classic Twitter trend – #ChlamydiaBoy :)

Now, Max has publicly responded to Zayn’s tirade of banter/abuse, saying:

“He’s probably only just finished sex ed. He’s like, ‘It’s a new word I’ve learnt!’.”

Speaking with the Daily Mirror, Max said:

“I’m not sure what his problem is, to be honest. He seemed to get a little bit serious. I tried to palm it off as friendly but you can only take so many insults.”


“Eventually, I just said, ‘If you’ve got a problem, come and see me in New York and we’ll sort it out’.”

Bandmate Jay McGuinness commented about the whole Chlamyida thing, saying:

“I don’t think it’s based on any fact. It’s like kids in the playground. I think he was just taking a stab in the dark.”

Whatever the reason, we have to admit we thought it was all HILARIOUS!