The Wanted Reckon 1D Will Win At The MTV VMA’s

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They’re pretty fierce rivals, and both bands will be crossing paths at the upcoming MTV VMA awards, being nominated together in the ‘Best New Artist’ category.

Speaking with AP, Max George said that he doesn’t think his own band will win:

“I think One Direction will win. That is my prediction.”

Tom Parker however was a little bit more confident, saying:

“We could win ‘Best New Artist’, come on! We are one of the best new artists. We can take Frank Ocean. We can do this, boys!”

As well as being up for ‘Best New Artist’, 1D are also up for’Best Pop Video’ too, and we reckon they could well win them both.

Liam recently spoke out about the VMA’s, saying:

“It’s quite nerve-racking as well, because obviously there’s been so many historical moments and stuff that have happened at the VMAs. Now we want to make a moment ourselves, but who knows?”

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