Tom McFly To Help Write One Direction’s Second Album

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Tom Fletcher from McFly has already helped write a couple of tracks from 1D’s first album, and now he is set to pen more tunes for their next.

With the band currently ripping up records all over the place, much is expected from their sophomore effort, and the eyes and ears of the world will be firmly waiting.

Speaking with The Star, Tom said: “I haven’t been given a brief as to what kind of song they want from me, we’re just waiting to see what I come up with.”

When Tom looks at One Direction now he can see the same hunger and vigour from McFly’s early days, and he added: “Some songwriters have never been in a band, but the One Direction guys can relate to me, as I’ve been through the same kind of experiences as they have.

“When I’ve been in the studio with them, the manic atmosphere was just the same as when we made our debut.”

Danny Jones is also a big fan of the band, and though McFly never really achieved success over in the big pond, he said: “They have earned it, and What Makes You Beautiful is one of the best pop songs of the last 10 years.”

Elsewhere, Niall Horan and the rest of the band have beend told to behave by bosses eager to protect One Direction’s clean-cut image – as they receive a SEX BAN!

The band have been strictly told: “No girlfriends and definitely no sex!”

Speaking with The Sun, a source close to Niall revealed: “He’s raging about it — all the lads are. Four of them are single and they’ve been told to stay that way as it appeals to their American teen fans. Niall is fighting off the women with his Irish accent and good looks so he’s having to live like a monk.”

Liam and Louis are the only members with girlfriends at the moment, so it looks like they’ll be the only ones enjoying intimate moments together, whilst the rest live the life of a nun!

Lol :)