One Direction Tour Dates & Tickets 2015

  • Niketa

    you guys are having an Asia Tour no doubt , but why the heck India’s Not in the list

  • Teodora Radovanovic

    Come to Serbiaaaaaaa

  • San Drine

    When kam One direction to munich?

  • darlene

    I don’t understand….there are a lot of fans in Louisville, Ky…and yet no concerts in the year 2015 here nor close to Louisville, Ky…that is so wrong

  • Paige G

    Can you please come to oergan/portland please <3

  • Ava Frambers

    i am not trying to beg but if 1d ever sees this please know tyhat you should come to Kansas City

  • Caitlin Overby

    They NEED to come to Denver Colorado!! I’m going to be so depressed if they don’t!!