One Direction Tour Dates & Tickets 2015

  • Niketa

    you guys are having an Asia Tour no doubt , but why the heck India’s Not in the list

  • Teodora Radovanovic

    Come to Serbiaaaaaaa

  • San Drine

    When kam One direction to munich?

  • darlene

    I don’t understand….there are a lot of fans in Louisville, Ky…and yet no concerts in the year 2015 here nor close to Louisville, Ky…that is so wrong

  • Paige G

    Can you please come to oergan/portland please <3

  • Ava Frambers

    i am not trying to beg but if 1d ever sees this please know tyhat you should come to Kansas City

  • Caitlin Overby

    They NEED to come to Denver Colorado!! I’m going to be so depressed if they don’t!!

  • Britney Barker

    Will you be coming to the Southeast part of the U.S.? Like in the Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee area? Please say that there’s a chance for that? I haven’t seen yall in concert yet and my parents said for my 15th birthday she would get me tickets, but it has to be in one of those three states… But it isn’t showing anywhere near those places on the schedule…

  • Kristel Saheda De Leon

    i love niall baby love life

  • Claudia

    Are they going to south america on the 2015 tour ???

  • ∞Lunatrix∞

    Please come to India!!!!….just once at least!!…..please please!!!
    Guys please come to India!!!!!

  • LoveNialler

    I’m going to their concert in the US on September 12th. I’ve never been more excited even if if the concert is in 10 months.

  • sarah


  • Brisa

    Come to Argentina!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!! Please! ARGENTINA NEEDS OTRAT TOUR!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  • Brisa

    OTRATOUR. Please, come to Argentina!!!! We ‘re waiting to see you again!!!!!!!

  • elise

    what about Sri Lanka

  • Aasiya Styles

    When Will You Come To India? We Indian Directioners Haven’t Had A Single Concert In 4 Years

  • Kamilė Lex

    When you go to the Lithuania ?We are waiting :* We love you so much plz we trusted you!;3Pleasepleaepleaseplease :))))In Vilnius Lithuania plzzz :***

  • Paintball USA

    1D concerts are the best! We saw them at the Pasadena, California Rose Bowl this past summer, 2014.

  • Calwey

    come to virgina

  • Kwynn Alge

    findlay ,ohio needs one direction!!!!!!!!! There has never been a concert there before from them. please come!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Calwey

    please Salisbury north Carolina on Halloween that’s my birthday

  • Natalie Martin

    got VIP ones when they went on sale :)

  • Jia

    Why not a tour in India? We love you
    Please I beg❤❤

  • aaliyah vincent

    why cant they do it in TN it makes me MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie Olson

    When will One Direction come to Utah??

  • :P

    Where’s Mexico :(

  • Evelina Krakyte

    Lithiuania Need You One direction We Love you ♥

  • Si Ssi

    how about Algeria?? !! guys u never come there
    we need u ONE direction

  • Morgan

    One direction needs to come to HOUSTON Texas

  • Tamara Styles

    when you finally arrive in Ukraine?



  • AIDA


  • Aleksanra Stoyanova




  • •● Moi es fabalas ●•

    Why don’t you guys come to India? RAWR.

  • Directioner

    #SpainDESERVESOtratDates1D #SpainNeedsOTRATDates pleaseeee!!!

  • Sanskruti Bhamre

    pls bring one direction to Mumbai

  • Greta….

    Lithuania loves You; please come :)))) <3

  • Riya Chand

    Pliz one direction when u will u guys tour Fiji your fans are dieing to se u guys

  • Riya Chand

    Pliz pliz come to fiji we love u guys

  • Alexa Oros

    please go in spania next year

  • savannah

    Please come to Charlotte north Carolina I love one direction so much.

  • violeta

    hajdni moj kosov

  • violeta

    keks me qokollate o qa pom hahen

  • iPodBuff21

    Can You Guys PLEASE Add another Concert Date for the Lincoln Financial Field Please could you add it for August, 31st? That would make my week?

  • iPodBuff21


  • iPodBuff21

    I hope that you guys will make another One Direction Concert Movie for their 2015 Tour and I also hope that they will make one from the USA Or somewhere else rather then Milan, Italy!!!

  • iPodBuff21

    Hey C’mon Please come to the San Siro Stadium Again!!!

  • ste sty

    come to hawaii…you won’t be disappointed

  • ste sty

    and i thought you guys loved florida what is this

  • lavanya

    Feeling very happy by seeing the conserts of 1d i wish tat they should even come 2 India coz they had visited all most all countries we the indian directioners say u tat plz keep consert in India luv u guys

  • cyneia bellamy

    When will you have a north Carolina tour. We love you down where I’m form

  • cyneia bellamy

    Would you ever date your fans

  • alison Styles (Harry

    Can we have the France dates please :)

  • Hannah James

    Wish they would come to Baton Rouge!!!!