One Direction Tour Dates & Tickets 2015

  • Niketa

    you guys are having an Asia Tour no doubt , but why the heck India’s Not in the list

  • Teodora Radovanovic

    Come to Serbiaaaaaaa

  • San Drine

    When kam One direction to munich?

  • darlene

    I don’t understand….there are a lot of fans in Louisville, Ky…and yet no concerts in the year 2015 here nor close to Louisville, Ky…that is so wrong

  • Paige G

    Can you please come to oergan/portland please <3

  • Ava Frambers

    i am not trying to beg but if 1d ever sees this please know tyhat you should come to Kansas City

  • Caitlin Overby

    They NEED to come to Denver Colorado!! I’m going to be so depressed if they don’t!!

  • Britney Barker

    Will you be coming to the Southeast part of the U.S.? Like in the Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee area? Please say that there’s a chance for that? I haven’t seen yall in concert yet and my parents said for my 15th birthday she would get me tickets, but it has to be in one of those three states… But it isn’t showing anywhere near those places on the schedule…

  • Kristel Saheda De Leon

    i love niall baby love life