Previous Tour Dates

  • jadenatashaaa

    please come tour in germany because my dad’s in the army and no one tours over here:/

  • anna

    would be awesome if you’d come to finland ! :) you have lots of great fans over here !

  • Sasha

    Hey One Direction! Come to AZ, United States! Big fan. :)

  • Tianna

    come to Arizona pleasee!! preferablyy tucson!

  • http://yes Nialler

    Come to Denmark!

  • Celina

    Come to the Netherlands, that’s my biggest wish <3

  • Dana

    Pleaee come to Colorado i really want to see you in concert!

  • Enn

    Come to czech republik please:33 We love you! <33

  • Sasha

    Come to Canada! Preferably Montreal :)

  • Leah

    Come to Long Island!! Please:) I’m going to England for a soccer tournament my my parents won’t let me go!

  • Zoe

    Come to SINGAPORE!!!!!!!

  • Haru

    You’ll be on Mexico the day I will go visit Paris! It’s so sad! I wish I could go to your concert! ):

  • One Direction Infection(:

    Come to Louisiana! We ♥ us some One Direction in the south!(:

  • Kayla

    Hey Im kayla, and im 13 and I LOVE one direction!!! Please come to Hershey, Pennsylvania in the United States you have a lot of fans here!!:) <3

  • Denise:)

    Please come to Italy! We love you so much<3<3 We've got One Direction infection :)

  • Natalia

    Please come to POLAND! We love 1D very much! <3

  • Shiero San Pedro

    Bring One Direction to the Philippines please :) Pinoy DIRECTIONERS are waiting :)) @shiesanpedro @owwyeah1D

  • PaYaL

    PLSZZZZZZZZ!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Caroline Nialler

    1D!! Please come to Indonesia! We’re waiting 4 u! <3

  • diane lyra

    But whare is the Philippines ? do you have a concert tour here ? all your fans is expecting you . so come on! pls!

  • The biggest fan

     One Direction. Please come to Lithuania!!!!! We’re waiting for you!!! ♥♥

  • Addie wetzel

    Please come to Louisiana!!! I <3 yall. Harry=<3 sexy!!!!!!

    • Halla Nicole

      I hope they do.

  • Leanat Saga

    Come to Norway, pleace!;)<3

    • bee

      yes pleace come to norway. miss U. isn’t just a crazy fan but want to see u and hear u in the real<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Patipl99 99

    Please come to Warsaw,Poland. I LOVE you<33

  • Oleska02

    where is POLAND?!?1

  • alex


  • Elbe97

    Please come to Sweden Again!!!! <3 love

  • Berenice Lopez

    Please guys come to Monterrey, dream is to see them live! <3 Love you guys! 

    • mariana castillo

      please guys please

  • zaynmalik’s wife˘`)♥

    heii one direction..when you will hold a tour in Asia and come to Indonesia?please :( come to indonesia..#IndonesiaWantsID please :(

  • doriel97

    please come to israel!!! we really want you to come!!!

  • clara marinelli

    when you come to Italy?

  • harryliamzaynlouinaill<3

    i love u one direction- u AWSOME XD
    ur BIGGESST FAN ^_^ <3

  • Marieasklund

    Denmark! Yes I know it is a very small country, but quite seriously!? 1D is so popular here! D ‘:

  • Niall+Hungry=Nandos☯

    Please come to Cyprus!!You have a lot of fans!! We need you to come!xx

  • Niall+Hungry=Nandos☯

    Hey, when do you come to Cyprus!??:))

  • Niall+Hungry=Nandos☯

    Hey One Direction!! I am a Cypriot Directioner! I love you very much ! Please We need you to come to CYPRUS !xx :’)

  • Niall+Hungry=Nandos☯

    Bring One Direction to Cyprus PLEASE!!:’)

  • Niall+Hungry=Nandos☯

    When you have tour to Cyprus!?? You have a lot of fans an we love you very very much! You are just AmaZAYN!! Please come to Cypruss!!xx

  • Niall+Hungry=Nandos☯

    I love One Direction More than Anyone! Please come to Cyprus!!:)

  • Gabrielė Kvietinskaitė

    Please come to Lithuania :)) Lithuania loves 1D :)** <3

  • Nandang

    Please come to Indonesia. We’re all waiting for 1D<3

  • Nicky Malik♡ I̲̅D̲̅

    please come to Luxembourg!! please

  • Nicky Malik♡ I̲̅D̲̅

    please come to Luxembourg!!

  • Nicky Malik♡ I̲̅D̲̅

    just come luxembourg

  • Nicky Malik♡ I̲̅D̲̅

    come to Luxembourg

  • Nicky Malik♡ I̲̅D̲̅

    What’s about Luxembourg? :)

  • megan quiroz

    can u come to tucson arizona please

  • Arianne Horan

    I hope so too.

    • Danielle Styles

      me 2

  • Mary Joy Omalay

    1D boys.can you come here to the PHIILIPPINES and have a concert .I’ve been waiting for you so long.Pls…….Im begging on you

  • Petruš;*

    Please come to Czech,I love you <3 :**

  • jnaya

    i love one direction to death <3 😉

  • ∞ProudDirectioner∞

    I WANT TO GO! :'( no tickets ;'(

  • Laily Choyriati

    plis come to INDONESIA..!
    indonesia have programs X-Factor Indonesia :)
    Pliss come to INDONESIA..!

  • Ilda

    PLEASE come to Luxembourg!! Loxembourg ♥ One Direction!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lamya MK

    Please come to Dubai there a looot of fans wanting to see you guys <333

  • Reza Dara SANIA

    when one direction concert in Indonesia?. the fans wait for a one direction

  • Christine

    Pleas come to Czech Republick!:) We need you! You have a lot of fans here!

  • Salpi Khokaz

    what about basel, switzerland?

  • Celine Yu

    Please come in he Philippines, we can show how we truly love ONE DIRECTION :DD

  • Courtney Paige Guy

    harry styles i love you hope u come to sheffield next year then i can come to the concert ! <3 xx

  • dorothy jane

    yeah thay should really come here in the philippines….. i love them so much

  • dorothy jane

    1D… pls. come here…. here in philippines…… all of your fans love you!!!!! were waiting……. I LOVE YOU GUYZZZ!!!! we have been dying to see you here in the philippines having a concert……….. louis youre so cute and funny …. zayn youre so handsome…. harry youre so cute also…… liam youre handsome too….. niall youre so cute

  • Danielle

    hey this is the first time i’m doing this and I don’t know why I haven’t done it before but yeah it’s really cool to do this but anyway if you guys ( 1D ) is reading this I just want you to know that I love you guys and that you’ve inspired me to become a singer one day and I just wanted to let you know that I won idol’s in my school all thanks to you and yeah I just want to say thank you and I want to get to know you guys better i’m in South Africa but I was born in London and to be honest most people in South Africa doesn’t know who you are and I told everybody in my school and they told all their friends who told all there friends in other schools that you guys are an awesome band and don’t ever forget that

  • Danielle

    it’s me again sorry i’m doing this again I just really want to get to know u guys better so yeah love you guy love from the beginning until the end

  • directioner forever

    plz we need 1D in egypt

  • Trisha

    yeah,I hope so I love 1D

  • naomieapril

    1D please….oh pleassee come in the Philippines..
    we are waiting for you guys :D…

  • naomieapril

    bring 1D in Philippines

  • naomieapril

    1D please come in Philippines… :*
    many fans are waiting for u here :)

  • Leiinhur Uhlrheiipfught

    It means 1D is not having a tour here in philippines. that’s unfair . Many people here in philippines expecting that 1D is coming here . So pls . 1D got to have a tour here in the philippines . I love 1D very much .



  • simone

    hey guys we would like to see u here in South Africa we love u huys sooo much!!!!

  • littlemisssomebody

    Yeah true many filipinos love 1D!!!! I love zayn and harry


    plz come to arizona i missed the other arizona one

  • bia

    Most Directioners Portuguese don’t have tickets for the concert (May 26) so we want to ask One Direction to come on tour again in 2014 to give an opportunity to the others Directioners. Portugal may be a small country but it has many very dedicated Directioners !

  • Ernesta

    Please come to LITHUANIA! We need you!

  • ania1d


  • Rose Thorn

    i wish they would come and perform here in Rome. There going to be in Alanta, bu unfortunately i cant make it:( One direction is still awesome though.

  • OneDirectionLover_

    Ughh You Guys NEED to Come to FLORIDA!!!!! ILOVE1D

  • tanya bélanger

    Please return to Montreal

  • 1D


    • 1D


  • 1DLover(:

    Why isn’t Columbus, Ohio in the tour date for take me home? It was Tuesday June 18th at 7:30p.m. at Nationwide Arena. I went to that concert and it was amazing. They did something there that they have never done before at any concert I don’t think. It should be in the tour dates because it was an amazing concert!!!! (: ( just putting that out there)

  • Nia

    My Daughter is a Huge Directioner she dreams and talks to be able to go to a 1D concert. I Promised Her if 1D went to Puerto Rico as part of there concert Tour We would travel to see them. This is a Mom asking with all Her Heart Pls make my Daughters DREAM COME TRUE. Puerto Rico wants 1D

  • kaylee

    they need to come back to montreal, they said “see you again soon”
    fdpgmasd i need them back before i die

  • Carine

    1D come to hong kong pls we love u guys a lot pls come

  • maria

    Please ome to los angales we need you and we love you

  • maria

    I meant to say come

  • Abby Driver

    come to aukland again love you

  • Adriana Sofia Colón Pérez

    One Dirction PLEASE COME TO PUERTO RICO , we love you and we need you



  • Rafiel Arifin

    Please 1D go to the indonesia you have a lot of fans here!!!indonesia need youu!!

  • Rafiel Arifin

    I love harry,niall,louise and zayn

  • Kharyll

    1D. please! go to the philippines you have lots of fans here!! Filipinos need you!!

  • Cynthia

    Please come to Utah!!!!

  • Maggie Little

    I love you zayn harry liam niall louis 4ever

  • Nilya Azmi

    PLEASE COME MALAYSIA… you have many fans in malaysia ……

  • Stylinson Shipper

    They NEED a Canadian Tour!!!

  • Alex Lucas

    1D please come to philidelphia again please

  • Janus

    Come to Chinese Mainland pleace~