Twitter Goes Mad With Zerrie Engagement Rumours

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Wha? Huh? OMG! WTF!

The Twittosphere was getting itself worked up last night over claims that Zayn and Perrie were planning to get married.

Directioners had started retweeting a message by someone that Zayn was all set to marry Perrie next February, though the date was supposedly going to be February 31st – which doesn’t exist.

When Zayn was supposed to have proposed we’re not actually sure.

Anyway, we quite like the sound of the rumour, and would love to have a big 1D wedding next year.

It would surely be the biggest wedding event ever – quite possibly beating Prince William and Kate.


We can just imagine Nialler getting a bit tipsy and wrapping his tie around his head like Rambo.

Aww Zayn, can you please propose to Perrie this weekend so our fantasies can come true?