VIDEO: Harry Styles In White Eskimo – Before The Fame!

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Now, we’re all used to seeing Harry as 1/5th of One Direction, and it’s a little strange to think that it’s not always been that way.

white eskimo

Before the boys’ X Factor auditions in 2010, they lived normal lives just like us, and had never even met each other. Now, 3 years on and they’re like brothers!

So, it’s interesting to see what they got up to before that time.

As you all know, before One Direction, Harry was in a band called ‘White Eskimo’ with his school friends.

And from what we can see, they were a pretty big hit in their local area.

So, back when Harry was a cute, innocent little schoolboy he was already rocking out!

With Harry as the vocalist, the band performed at weddings and at their school. And we’ve even found a clip from a small room where they’re practicing alone.

At the time, they must have been pretty big gigs for the band, but nothing compared to the world tours that Hazza’s doing now, and the mammoth stadium tour that he will embark on next year.

So, we just thought we’d have a look at what Harry was like before One Direction.

We’ve searched high and low for some clips from his White Eskimo days, check them out:

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    He’s F-ing adorable! It’s weird how I’m seeing this vid and now how he grew up so fast. And look where he is now!

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    summer of 69

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    i have to say it, Harry is the hottest of that 4 boys… the others are not really hot… sorry other boys! LOVE YOU HARRY!

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    OMG I want him to perform at my wedding it will be the best day of my life because im gonna marry him

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    One day, if I meet Harry, I just want to be like, “aren’t you that guy from White Eskimo? Just to see his reaction.

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      that would be so funny to see his face! XD

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