VIDEO: Haylor Kissing On NYE! *MUST SEE*

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Haylor kissing

Turn away now if you refuse to ship Haylor or you just can’t bear to watch this with your own eyes.

This is HAYLOR KISSING at Rockin’ New Year’s Eve just as the clock strikes midnight. Surrounded by thousands of party-goers, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift lock lips and hold each other tight.

Haylor are finally outed – and join the ranks of Zerrie, Elouner and possible Payzer (are they back together or what?).

Even if you aren’t shipping them yet – you have to admit they make a cute couple, right?

  • pinkzebra

    U dont know how long they r gonna last but u do know tht if they break up, shes gonna write a song bout him. BUT she and connor kennedy broke up and she didnt write a song bout him!

    • Niknaz

      I think Haylor is going to be together less than a year..!!

  • Emily m.

    Every single person she dates get their heart broken. Sadly girls our Hazza is next on her hit list.

  • 1D lover

    oh gosh….after i saw this it just poped out of my head…’poor Harry…’

  • katching

    if you really love Harry, you should just love the people he loves (e.g. Taylor)

    NO HATE! he has his own choice.. :))

  • Lynn(:

    umm.. 1) Taylor started the kiss. 2) you can see Harry’s trying to escape. 3) At the end of the hug Harry pushed her away. He obviously hates her. NOPE I DON’T SHIP HAYLOR.

  • Eileen Stypayhorlikson

    Harry she is just using you! Please don’t do this!!

  • Eileen Stypayhorlikson

    Harry she is just using you!! Please don’t do this!!

  • larry lol

    Harry: can i leave now


    Harry: um

    Taylor: FIVE


    Taylor: FOUR

    Harry: louis

    Taylor: THREE

    Harry: im sorry louis

    Taylor: TWO

    Harry: i want to leave

    Taylor: ONE *hyperventilating*

    Harry: oh god

    Taylor: *attacks harrys mouth*

    Louis a bajillion miles away: happy new year harry, i love you *downs another glass of wine*

  • SoonToBeAStyles

    I’m sorry, but he looks like he’s completely uninterested in Taylor, like she isn’t even there. Before they “kissed” she was like, tugging on him while he was talking to someone (totally ignoring her), and after he looked like he was bored, tired, and wanting to say ‘Okay, you can get off of me now, seriously.’. Now most of you would think I’m jealous of Taylor, but I’m not. Why would I waste my jealousy on a relationship everyone knows won’t last?

  • Janet

    I just punched my computer… :) 😛

  • Guest

    Wrong, they make a terrible couple. I hate this, and i obviously don’t ship them! I think she is using him, and i hope and prey there relaitonship FAILS!

  • Vanilla

    My gawd, you guys are cruel.. What if harry happens to read this? He might be sad.. Are you guys true directioners? It looks no, just accept the fact that they are dating and shut up, as long as harry is smiling im fine. But you guys are saying stuff that looks like slowly harrys smile will fade away. Who knows? Harry find Taylor as the perfect girl for him and Taylor finds Harry perfect too? It can go anywhere you guys shouldnt be teaching harry what to do, im sure he know what hes doing.

  • Tiernan Legendre

    I would hate to see him heart Broken but he doesn’t need all this hating right now don’t u think we r kinda being rude to him but mostly to Taylor to tell the truth I hinestly dislike Taylor but just put urself in his shoes how would u feel abt getting fan mail but its all hate and u get death threats just think before u type

  • 100%directionergrl

    I just scared ruin 1D’s reputation forever.

  • Guest

    Ok so I don’t ship them but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them they are a cute couple and if Harry is happy I am happy now I do think Taylor might brake up with him!!
    So I want her to be careful

  • Megan Reid✌

    Feel sorry 4 both of them she is going 2 write a song and we are all maybe going to love it

  • ❤ 1D & BIEBER ♚

    I have no words… Like that should be me…

  • Hallie Lavin

    the starting lyrics to T Swifts song about Harry:
    I dated this not he had really big hair
    but that relationships not going anywhere
    cuts it turns out he was a singer to
    and he told me
    ‘ I love you’

    just made up but still kinda funny..

  • samantha


  • Gisselle Cortez

    HATE THE ZERRIE COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • havazoe

    I ship Haylor to the very last day!

  • Daniela Velasquez

    I’m crying!!! I HATE Taylor

  • Alize

    Even though haylor is no more, the kiss kind of seemed forced…